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Halloween (2018) review

Updated on September 13, 2019

My opinion of the movie

I like how this movie plot is laid out and how the characters have changed. The sound design in the mental facility is creepy, and it also makes you feel uneasy and scared. That's an excellent play by the people that made the movie. That's just making it known what kind of movie this is about to be. This movie will scare people for ages. This movie is better than the original, in my opinion.

Here you can see Michael in the courtyard with the other inmates
Here you can see Michael in the courtyard with the other inmates | Source

The Intro

The intro of this movie, in my opinion, is the best one in the series. It shows a pumpkin rebuilding itself. That's just showing the audience that the series is back. I like that this is the first movie that Andi Matichak(Allyson) has ever been in. The first Halloween was the first movie that Jaime lee Curtis was in, and it made her famous.

The badass intro of Halloween(2018)
The badass intro of Halloween(2018) | Source

The sound design and music

Both the sound design and music in this movie is so good because it gives you a sense of spookiness and makes you scared about everything that is happening in the scene like the scene where Allison is running from Michael after she finds out that one of her friends died by the hands of the shape, and also the intro music composed by John Carpenter, that song is so iconic that when you hear that song it gets you in the Halloween spirit. I love the sound design because it makes me feel uneasy.

The shape chases allison

The Updated Halloween theme

The atmosphere

The atmosphere in this movie is fantastic. It has comedy but also keeps up with the horror aspect. I love the characters in this movie because they are so relatable and likable. I love that it looks like it's in fall. I love how the character acts too(Like actual humans). The characters are relatable too

Michael and Laurie's relationship change

I like that in this movie Michael and Laurie aren't related. That is scarier because that means that Michael didn't have a motive to try to kill Laurie and just wanted to hunt her down. you find out that Michael and Laurie aren't related when Allyson, Vicky, and Dave are walking down the street talking about Michael and dave asks if Laurie and Michael are related and Allyson says no that's just a lie people told themselves to feel better.

The Bathroom scene

I like this scene because it shows the brutality of what Michael can do, and it also makes it known that it's not messing around with the gore and brutality. That scene makes Michael look scarier because it shows what Michael will do for his mask. It also the first time we get to see him in his updated mask

Michael's night of terror

I love this scene because it shows Michael walking up the street, and it also shows that Michael doesn't care who he has to kill to get what he wants. I love how everyone thinks its just somebody in a mask trick and treating. The scene where he is fighting Laurie is so good too because it shows how tough Laurie is now, and how she can kick Michaels ass now.

Michaels night of terror
Michaels night of terror | Source

The ending

I like the ending because it shows Michael standing there while flames surround him. Laurie, Allyson, and Karen run out of the burning house to get help. I like that It shows the basement at the end on fire and Michael was nowhere in sight. I also like how you can hear Michael breathing while the credits are rolling. I cant wait to see what they do for the sequel in 2020.

My final opinion

I think this is my favorite horror movie because of how scary Michael is in this movie. I like how this movie can be scary and funny at the same time. I also like how the characters are so likable. I have a lot of love for this movie and the original too. But I like this movie better than the original. I hope you liked my review on Halloween(2018)


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