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Songs from the Devil's Castle

Updated on May 24, 2016

A true tale from the crypt of the Devils Castle

The Count of Ghent has a son by the name of Gerard. On his 13th birthday, his father has to leave on a crusade, but Gerard refuses to go with him to the Holy Land. He beats his father to death and from that moment of everyone calls him Gerard the Devil...

He builds a castle with a dark crypt and a Red Tower, where he lives with his wife and son, also named Gerard. The boy has a dark skin and black hair and that's why people call him The Moor.

Gerard the Devil dislikes the colour of his son's skin and hair. So he tortures his first wife to dead in the Red Tower, and his second, and his third, and fourth, and fifth, and sixth wife too...

Gerard the Moor falls in love with a young girl that had to be the seventh wife of Gerard the Devil. 'Go to the Red Tower, my son,' says the father. 'I have arranged an overseas honeymoon for you!'

In the Tower there are two sailors waiting to tie up his hands and feet, put him in a bag and throw him in the water. But the son doesn't trust his father and instead of him, it's Gerard the Devil himself who shows up to pay the murderers. They mistake the Devil for the Moor and they put him in a bag and throw him in the water.

Gerard the Moor dies at the end of the 13th century and since that moment, every 13th year, a child is born in the Devil's Castle, as a true son of the Devil.

The castle is cursed, 'cause the ghosts of father and son find no rest and haunt each other forever... And also, it was for many years an asylum where dangerous lunatics were imprisoned. There were many women found in the water near the Red Tower and an old legend says that, before there will be peace in the Devil's Castle, six times 111 women have to fall or jump or have to be thrown from the Red Tower into the water, hands and feet tied together.

A singer-songwriter was fascinated by these true stories and adopted 'Gerard the Devil' as his stage name. Some say he was the reborn Devil. Some say he made charcoal sketches of the impression on a girl's face at the moment she reached an orgasm (and that was the moment when he liked to chop off her head with a chainsaw).

The 'newborn' Gerard the Devil disappeared without leaving a trace... Couldn't he live with the idea of being a son of the Devil? Or did some lunatic with a chainsaw chopped off his head because he or she thought he really was the Devil?

"Isabel Danst" in Dutch, performed by Robin David.

Ter Duinen / The Ballad of the Mermaid and the Monk, performed by Nando


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