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8.Halloweentown (TV) 1998 USA colour Disney

Updated on July 13, 2014

Disney's family Halloween comedy adventure


From Disney's channel original movie made for TV - comes Halloweentown a delightful spooky comedy adventure. It's Halloween night and the trick or treaters our out and about 13 year old Marnie Piper (Kimberly J Brown) wants to go to a Halloween costume party with her friends but Gwen Cromwell Piper her mother (Judith Hoag) tells her no, she can see her friends tomorrow.

Marnie begins to argue with her mother, Gwen says there are things that you do not understand and I shall explain them to you when you are taller. Dylan Piper (Joey Zimmerman) Marnie's brother has a go at Marnie too for going on about Halloween so much and for up setting mum. Marnie explains that she keeps on having dejava feelings about Halloween and how Halloween is super cool with it's mysterious ancient strangeness and also mum and dad met at Halloween.

Later on Grandmother Aggie Cromwell (Debbie Reynolds) visits her Grand children, Marnie Dylan and Sophie Piper (Emily Roeske) are really happy to see their grandmother, Aggie brings presents, sweets, costumes, for the children and some decorations for the house so that they can have a Halloween party of their own. The only person who was not happy was Gwen because every time her mother visits it brings nothing but chaos and disorder to her house hold.

Gwen has a secret and does not want to be reminded by her mother every time who she is and where she came from, Gwen just wants to have a normal life. Just before Aggie leaves she shares a bed time story of her own hometown to her grand children, both Marnie and Sophie loved the story but Dylan thinks its a encyclopedia for weirdos.

Once the children were in bed Gwen began to tidy up the kitchen whilst having a heated discussion with her mother, Gwen was furious with her mother for trying to tell her children about halloweentown and that their really witches. Gwen tells her mother that she has lost the argument and that she can just go home, because after tonight Marnie will become a full human being her powers will be gone forever and her brother & sister after her.

Gwen enjoys having a normal life in the mortal world even without William her husband who passed away, the children grew up in the mortal world they had a mortal human father and mortal humans is what they will become. Aggie wants her daughter to remember that she is a witch even if she does not chose to live as one she also wants her grand children to become witches as well to keep it in the family.

Aggie explains to her daughter that she needs her help-help from another Cromwell because there is an evil force trying to take over halloweentown and her powers alone are not strong enough but together if they combined their powers they can defeat this evil force,the Cromwell magic is very strong when com binding their powers together. Marnie creeps out of bed she over hears everything that her mother is talking about with her grandmother, Aggie leaves and heads back to halloweentown unaware Marnie & Dylan are following her.

Once in Halloweentown Marnie found everything fascinating whilst Dylan thought he was hallucinating and wanted to be woken up from a bad dream, also Marnie and Dylan were unaware that Sophie had followed them. Kalabar (Robin Thomas) the mayor of Halloweentown met the children got talking to them, then got Benny (Rino Romano) the cab driver to take the children to their grandmother's place.

Aggie was surprised to see her grand children but very glad to see them, Aggie explained to her grand children why Halloweentown and the mortal world had to separated so that people in both worlds can live in harmony. Aggie was busy making a brew using Merlin's talisman to start protecting Halloweentown from an evil force but it failed to work she showed her grand children the recipe of the brew that she was making they needed to go to town to buy a few ingredients first.

In town Marnie saw the broom shop so Aggie brought Marnie her first broom,and together they took it for a test ride. Gwen turns up in Halloweentown has an argument with her mother and daughter,tells her children that they are leaving for the mortal world right now but the bus is delayed. One trip to the mayors office to find out why the bus was being delayed only to get re-kindled with an old childhood flame, Gwen and Kalabar get chatting reminding one another of their past as they drift back to their childhood memories.

Sophie sees her grandmother following Luke (Phillip Van Dyke) to an abandonment building. Inside the building Aggie speaks with the dark evil force that is taking over Halloweentown and he knows that Aggie has Merlin's talisman and he wants it now. Meanwhile Marnie rushes in followed by her mother, Gwen tells Marnie to look after her brother and sister while she goes to help her mother out only to get caught in the crossfire of magic and slowly freezes in time. Aggie tells her grand children to go while she holds off the dark force, then she too freezes.

Marnie takes control of the situation and explains that the only way to get mum and grandma back and to save the people of Halloweentown is to do a little shopping. Marnie Dylan and Sophie continued to finish off what they started with their grandmother by going to various shops round town to get the ingredients that they needed to brew the potion.

At last everything was finished all the children had to do now was to defeat the dark evil force, and with a little help from Luke could they save Halloweentown in time.

Halloweentown is an enjoyable family comedy entertainment that's suitable for all the family although it may appeal more to children rather then grown-ups. This Disney channel original movie made for TV contains some juvenile, behaviour some sad and happy occasions that will make you laugh & cry, some scary scenes portraying magic.

Directed by: Duwayne Dunham

Writing credits: Paul Bernbaum (story & teleplay) Jon Cooksey Ali marie Matheson (teleplay)

Audet Ben pirate Brown.J.Kimberly Marnie Piper Cartwright Hank two-headed man1 Choi Kenneth hip-sales-creature Crawford J.W dentist-creature (as James W Crawford) Day Shannon aerobics instructor Egan Patrick Michael wolfie Fields F Jordyn friend 1 (as Jordyne E Fields) Ford M Judith Harriet Fugere Elizabeth friend2 Gambino Vincent goblin Hill Jude V witch1 Hoag Judith Gwen Cromwell Piper Husa Nurmi frankenstein Keller A George witch1 Landon Brian gargoyle/drummer boy Lawson Sherilyn vampire mother Mariana Michele pincushin-secretary Moyer Betty vampire patient Roeske Emily Sophie Piper Romano Rino Benny Reynolds Debbie Aggie Cromwell Thomas Robin Kalabar Tolces Todd two-headed man2 Useldinger Johnny ghost Van Dyke Phillip Luke Zimmerman Joey Dylan Piper


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