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Zootopia Movie Reivew

Updated on March 24, 2016

When I turned 20 I decided that I would not pay to see an animated family film in theaters again. I lied. Zootopia is basically part fish out of water and part buddy cop movie and it TOTALLY WORKS.

The standout voice talent is Jason Bateman who plays the wise-cracking fox. Not only is that perfect casting, as sarcastic prick is kind of Bateman's niche, but it seemed like Bateman knew exactly how to make the character into the loveable ass. The other voices I thought were fine. Not too stand out, especially considering that I barely know who Ginnifer Goodwin is. Idris Elba was also a welcome sound in my cochleas (I think that's a part of the ear?).

As far as plot, I did feel like it was pretty by-the-numbers. You know. Classic bad guy had a traumatic experience, shuts off emotions, only to meet the one person that can show him his true self. AWWWWWWW. The political and social commentary made by the film was the part that made me the most impressed with this film. Yes there is prominent social commentary in a Disney movie, and it is awesome.

Who should see this movie? Anybody with a heart really. Kids would also love this movie with the bright colors and whatnot. I think that's what kids like?

Who should skip this movie? Honestly I think anyone would at least relatively enjoy this movie at least. If anything it might be boring to people that crave action and explosions.

What did you think of Zootopia?

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