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Hard Rock Reviews for the Guitar and Bass Player

Updated on April 18, 2011

Recommendations For The Guitar Player

If you are looking for some new music to learn I am recommending some of my favorites.  There is tons of free tablature available on the Internet, take advantage of this along with some free music videos to increase your techniques and skills.  If you search you will even find video lessons on certain songs. 

Memorization of riffs is essential to the aspiring guitar player.  Learn them forget them but use the techniques to improve your playing and knowledge of the theory and chord changes.

If you have someone to practice with that would be an even better expansion of your abilities.

I hope you get some inspiration from my musical picks and the best of luck with your music.

Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood

This album topped the Billboard charts and is loaded with quality music. Motley Crue is a good source of basic rock rhythms and fundamental chord changes to the rock genre. This album is full of quality songs for you to slice and dice and come up with some great ideas. Ballads, bangers and some tasty leads puts this at the top of my list.

Dr. Feelgood: The title track and a fundamental rhythm that you can hear in a lot of other rock songs.

Without You:  This is a classic rock ballad.  Enjoy the leads they are incredible.  Great chord progression.

Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.):  There is a great riff as the basis of this song.  I also enjoy the switches between verse and chorus.

Dr. Feelgood

Thin Lizzy Jailbreak

Thin Lizzy Jailbreak

This has to be essential learning for any serious rock guitarist. From the bass lines to the leads this is a mountain of knowledge. Thin Lizzy came from Ireland and broke through the American charts in 1976 with this masterpiece of musical genius.

Boys are Back in Town: You have to learn this riff if you are a bass player in my opinion. A great song to practise with other players.

Jailbreak: Hard Rock could be defined by this song. I shouldn't even have to say more!

Warriors: A great song and a hidden gem as it never received much airplay.

Cowboy Song: I like the tone on this song as well as the tempo change..

The Cowboy Song

Queensryche Operation Mindcrime

Queensrÿche Operation: Mindcrime

 The album is a masterpiece from beginning to end.  It is a Rock/Opera and all the songs tie into the story.  the only way to listen to Operation Mindcrime is from the beginning until the end.  Great lead work all kinds of chord progressions incredible vocals.  The album is one of the best hard rock recordings of all time.

I will not list separate songs on this one because I think of it as an entire work in itself.  I can tell you that learning the techniques on this album will vastly improve your abilities as a guitar or bass player.

I Don't Believe In Love

AC/DC Back In Black

AC/DC Back In Black

This is the cornerstone recording of the hard rock guitarists repertoire. Distortion heavy rhythms and memorable solos are intertwined through the entire album. Learn rhythm from Malcolm and leads from Angus Young, the brothers that are the backbone of the band. It is tuned a quarter step flat if you are having a hard time getting the tone correct.

Back In Black: The title track simple chord changes and tasty leads will keep you practicing with joy. Great song for beginning bands.

Shook Me All Night Long: Good solo and one that can be played by beginners with a little practice.

Hell's Bells: Nice intro riff to practice picking technicques. Another song with a pretty easy chord progression.

These songs can be of immense help to a guitarist just learning bar chords.

Back In Black


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    • akirchner profile image

      Audrey Kirchner 

      8 years ago from Washington

      Great information and vids!


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