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Harry Styles Bashes Zayn Malik in an Interview

Updated on December 5, 2015

Recently, the band One Direction has decided to take a year long hiatus. This comes only a few months after popular band mate Zayn Malik leaves the band. The media has long speculated why exactly Zayn has left the band, maybe it was all just too much pressure or maybe Zayn wants to ascend his career past just a teen craze and take his artistry seriously.

He has definitely broke the hearts of teenage girls everywhere, but could he have left broken bonds within the band? Since Zayn has departed from the band, instances in which the band mocks his absence have arrived. First, Harry kicks a cardboard cutout of Zayn's face of the stage and then he moved on to making fun of his former band mates tattoos.

In a recent interview, One Direction was asked whether or not they would have gotten tattoos had they not become music sensations. Louis admitted that he was against the form of body art, but Harry sarcastically suggested that he would have gotten something cliche like a yin-yang tattoo. Liam immediately began to burst into laughing along with Harry, and we can infer they were laughing because of the prominent yin-yang tattoo Zayn sports on one of his sleeves.

Perhaps it's all in good fun or maybe it's something a but more menacing.

Leave a comment letting me know whether or not you believe that One Direction is a bit angry that Zayn decided to go solo.


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