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Has Charlie Sheen Taken His Act To Far

Updated on April 6, 2011

What Happened To Charlie Sheen

Has the self proclaimed warlock, Vatican assassin, Charlie Sheen taken his act to far? Duh,Winning. The actor was once known for his outstanding movie career, starring in movies like Young Guns, Platoon, Navy SEALS, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2, and Scary Movie 4, just to name a few.

Is the actor on a Highway To Hell claiming he is only dealing with fools, trolls and losers.

When will he realize that after his current "Torpedo of Truth: Defeat is Not an Option" tour the amount of friends, fans and family he has crushed along the way.

When will the warlock come to grips with himself and deal with his long battle of drugs and alcohol addition.

How long can Charlie, Rock Star From Mars, go before the breakdown of his mind, body and his insane acts of behavior, take him to a lower level than he has ever been before.

He will not raise to the top of his "Duh,winning" campaign because he has already won.

He has proved that he is in an altered state of mind and will not stop until his total destruction of friends, fans and family is complete. Then he might apologize and ask for forgiveness but it could be to late if his outlandish behavior continues.

Has the warlocks tigers blood finally begin to boil? Just how long can this tail spin of self destruction continue?

Will he one day wake up, cure himself and see that maybe the world does not revolve around Charlie Sheen?

Tiger Blood for Charlie Sheen

The tiger blood in this warlock has taken him to a different level that only he knows. He says that his newest act is an "Endeavour".

His act may be a warlocks dream, but in the mean time Charlie Sheen is making a fool out of himself.

This once admired movie actor and father is about the only one who knows what he is doing touring around the country with his goddesses.

He is standing up for crowds that are paying to see is act, only to see what a fool he has made of himself.

The crowds are not going to his show to laugh "with Charlie" they are going to Laugh "at Charlie" the warlock.

The trolls and losers are claiming to be his followers and supporters, yet they are feeding to the fire, so that Charlie feels like he still is control.

It is only normal, because deep down some of his supporters do care about his well being.


Those Who Worked Their Tails Off

Stand up comedians that worked their tail off to make it big and make their audiences laugh, took many years to form a following of laughter.

Comedians like Sam Kinison, Richard Prior or the great Benny Hill for instance.

Charlie Sheen will never be in the books as a top comedian, he will go down in the books as a self proclaimed warlock, whose fame and fortune, ruined his career with money, drugs, alcohol and prostitutes.

A once respected movie actor, chose to destroy himself and anyone in is path, while trying to prove to the world that he is winning and the rest of the world is losers.

Charlie Sheen Makes Mockery of '20/20' interview

Two And A Half Men

Charlie whose latest gig prior to going on the road in his enraged state of mind, played a key roll in the sitcom Two and a Half Men.


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