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Has the Bleach Comic Author Wrote himself on a wall Again? Bleach Chapter 680 review

Updated on July 8, 2016

Is Juha Bach Too Powerful for his own Good???

By now you may have the idea that I am a " FULL BLOODED" fan of anime and as any fan does I am on the look out always for the latest and the hottest news in the vast world of anime and manga ( Japanese Comics) and just days ago I was on the heels for two series Dragon ball Super and Bleach... I will review Dragon ball later on, so for now it is " BLEACH TIME"...

We are now on some people say the final chapters of this series in particular chapter 680 and I may come out as bashing but, I will be honest here, this chapter is more on the " PROBLEMATIC SIDE... I say more on, due to I do not believe that this chapter is absolute garbage for the final boss needs and makes sense story wise to do or be GODLY... but, it is problematic too I agree due to execution...

For example, the villain side ( Juha and Company) are too powerful that the heroes cannot take them out so, the author has to devise a way to cop the story out and that is by Juha absorbing them... This is just plain lazy story telling come on!!!i It makes the heroes practically useless ( Ichigo and Company) Wow

Another obvious problem is Bach himself I know I said that final bosses are suppose to be GODLY but JUha is just plain hax beyond belief that he can take the whole verse on and still win yes due to him able to not just see the future but, BECOME the future on top of that he is the Quincy King see my point here???

So it begs the question what will the author do to make his defeat to make sense and not just pull some incoherent way just to finish the story??? Well, I can see a few possible ways namely

A) Uryu Ishida with his Anti thesis he can negate JUha and let Ichigo in for the kill however, that theory is out of the window because Uryu after his fight is half dead right now...

B) Aizen, yes, I am with this camp die to the fact that his ability is to control ones senses completely " COMPLETE HYPNOSIS duh!!!

C) Father power- For all we know Ryuuken Ishida and Isshin Kurosaki may have something in their sleeve but its unlikely to work due to Juha can manipulate all futures possible still it is a long shot...

I have to special mention that GOD slaying sword it can work provided it can get Juha how??? No idea...

In conclusion, I just hope that whatever the author decides it will satisfy majority of fans and i hope there is time because rumor says that it is ending soon so clock is ticking,,,

Author's Notes

As token of my gratitude for visiting and taking time to read this " HOBBY of mine" perhaps I may interest you on something that can change your life... Interested???just beep me by mail

Email: perhaps for any feedback on how I can make my write ups rookie or not. growth is always welcome...

Until next time!!!


“Do you know why the big brother is born first? It’s to protect the little brothers and sisters that come after him. A brother telling his sister, "I’ll kill you"... You never, ever say something like that.”

— Tite Kubo, Bleach, Volume 01


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