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Have You Ever Seen the Fantastic Performances of Cirque du Soleil?

Updated on November 26, 2011

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If you have seen just one performance of Cirque du Soleil, then you know just how absolutely stunning it is. If not, I invite you to learn about this unique entertainment.

Cirque du Soleil stands for 'Circus of the Sun'. Though the word 'circus' is part of the name, don't even for one second think this is your average "circus"! To begin with, there are no animals.

Cirque du Soleil is instead a group of very talented individuals that shows us all just what the human body is truly capable of. The unique physical demonstrations they perform seem to defy what one would think is possible yet they consistently prove it is possible.

Though it is difficult to put their amazing performances into words, I will attempt to describe a few acts in one of their performances I've seen recently.

The Performance I Recently Saw

I have just seen the Dralion performance and it is just as spectacular as the others I have seen. As described in their special features, Dralion is a made up combination of dragon and lion.

Though it is difficult to choose a favorite act, I think my favorite of Dalion is of the juggler. Now, to call him just a juggler would probably be practically derogatory. His act is quite unique and he really incorporates his incredible physicality with it.

Another one of my favorite acts of Dralion is where the performer does her entire act upside down on one hand. The ways in which she is able to move her body is absolutely incredible.

Then there are the "cheerleader" like acts. They take people standing on another's shoulder to a whole new level. Ever see a tower of people that is 3 people high while the lowest person is standing tip-toe in ballet shoes on light bulbs?

Now add special features that allows you to see different angles of the best acts and viola!, you have Dralion!

To get an idea of what I'm referring to, please feel free to view this video trailer of Dralion below:

Take a peak at the Dralion performance here:

Cirque Du Soleil Overall

Now that you have seen the trailer for Dralion, I hope you have a little better idea as to what they are all about. All of their performances are just as astounding as Dralion and yet each different one is very unique.

Overall, it never ceases to amaze me that in every performance, they make their very physically challenging acts look very easy. No matter how awkward the position, they do them with a smile!

And no matter which performance I see, I also find it incredible how they have a way of making being upside down and acts up in the air seemingly more natural than right side up on the floor. They really do make it seem as though they can weightlessly float.

Plus, for those who like some comedy, they haven't forgotten that either! Dralion also has a number of comedy acts in-between the "real" performances that are just as entertaining as all of the other performances. Just wait until you see the random audience volunteer!

In the end, these performances are timeless with their vibrant colors and elaborate costumes. Their live musical performers are also beautifully melodic and match the performances perfectly. All I can say is that one just has to experience Cirque du Soleil to truly understand its beauty!

If you have seen Cirque du Soleil, I would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 7 years ago

      Hello Marelisa,

      I am glad you enjoyed the preview of Dralion! I am inspired by your comment and think that I, too, will place seeing one of their performances in person on my list! Thanks!

    • profile image

      Marelisa 7 years ago

      I've never been to a Cirque du Soleil performance, but it's definitely on my bucket list! The clip that you have up there is fantastic.

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 7 years ago

      I totally agree jmarq25! Thanks for the comment!

    • jmarq25 profile image

      jmarq25 7 years ago

      They put on great shows. I am amazed at what they can do.

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 7 years ago

      That is an excellent idea for a gift Quiz Master! What a beautiful surprise! I do indeed intend to see one in person someday and am very much looking forward to it! Thanks for the gift idea too!

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 7 years ago

      I am glad you enjoyed this kashmir56! Thanks for stopping by!

    • The Quiz Master profile image

      Warren 7 years ago from England

      I took my mum to the Cirque du Soleil as a treat. What a magical evening it was, she had never heard of them before I took her. She was mesmorized all the way through the show, as was I.

      If you ever get the chance you must go and watch them otherwise you are missing out on a wonderful experience like no other.

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 7 years ago from Massachusetts

      Thank you for this great information on Cirque du Soleil, i have always enjoyed their shows!