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Hear No Evil Art Show 2009: Making Contribution Directly to Toronto's New Artists

Updated on February 4, 2014
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Hear No Evil Art Show was created by Osvaldo Sales, performer, visual artist and craftsman, well known as a remarkable visionary by those who know him personally. Out of his own life experience and struggles as an artists, Osvaldo dreams of a space and environment where unknown artists can speak their voices through their art.

The purpose of this event is to help new and upcoming artists in Toronto, in promoting their talents and pieces of art, as well as introduce them to the arts community and industry.

This year, Hear No Evil Art Show will be running for four consecutive days, from September 9 to September 12, 2009, just as we say goodbye to Summer and hello to our everyday routine - school for some, work for other, or even both for many of us. Open to art lovers, shoppers, and the curious, this event will be featuring live music and performances, arts and crafts, DJ, fashion and much more.

How it came to be

Hear No Evil Art Show came to life in 2008, as a result of a life long journey of an artist, trying to study abroad, more specifically in Italy. Osvaldo Sales, was offered the opportunity to take a fashion design degree in one of the many private fashion schools in Italy. Big honour it most certainly is, however, as everything in life, it had a catch. And, of course, it was the money for tuition and living expenses, which for living and studying in Europe it pretty much doubles.

Osvaldo was required to have around 10,000.00 Euros to pay for his school year (1 intensive year). This, is on top of the the money he needed for his living expenses in the country. In his conquest to get the money he needed within a few months, and the required papers, this persistent artist went through bureaucratic processes and procedures, and as an artist, tried to get his art being sold at top prices in art galleries.

For his dismay, many of the people in charge of these art galleries simply were not ready to accept a style of art that wasn't yet broadly available on the market. In their fear that people would not understand Osvaldo's unique signature of the drywall paintings, they refused him, coming up with many excuses that require too much understanding to get. Quoting one of them (whose name will remain anonymous for privacy), "A great artist does not need a new medium". This statement got a few artists infuriated and angry, after all Micheal Angelo, Picasso and many of these great names are known until today because in some way or another, they created a new medium or technique and/or style. Wrong?

When he was just too tired of hearing either a NO, or "it's too different"; Osvaldo decided to take his fate by his own hands. During the summer of 2008, he started selling his art as a vendor, in festivals and other opportunities, and started his own street gallery - Osvaldo Sales Street Gallery. Later in the year, he made the biggest attempt to acquire the money he needed - founded Hear No Evil Art Show.

Hear No Evil 2009 Official Flyers

Call For Artists
Call For Artists

Giving Back to The Artists

It is very hard for every artist to be noticed and have their voice heard, especially in the beginning stages of the career. For this reason, and due to the many struggles Osvaldo went through (which are still very much present in his life), this event is also about giving back to the artists.

There will be a competition, for as long as the event lasts, between artists participating the event. The best artistic display, voted by the guestes of Hear No Evil Art Show, wil take home a cheque of $1,000.00 CAD, as medal of recognition.

This might not be much, or be too much, depending on one's values and preferences for the arts, however, it is nothing compared to the many struggles these artists have to take on, throughout their lives, in their conquest for a bit of recognition and respect.

The Resurrection

Osvaldo Sales is also a dancer, and as a performing artist, he is very much inspired by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

In MJ's memory, Hear No Evil Art Show will be presenting The Resurrection. Osvaldo Sales will be performing his MJ piece with the addition of a MJ highly inspired fashion runway. It will be Osvaldo's way of saying that MJ will always be among us all, especially in the hearts of his admirers.

With this in mind, Hear No Evil Art Show promises to be a place to be for those who enjoy the arts and would like contribute with their face of support, to helping the new and upcoming artists of Toronto. Those who are just curious about it, there will be a closing party every single day. This event is also open to all ages, genders, shapes and tastes.

Shortly after the event is over (after Sept. 12, 2009) I will be posting a hub-review of Hear No Evil Art Show 2009.

Hear No Evil Art Show 2009 - The Resurrection
Hear No Evil Art Show 2009 - The Resurrection


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    • varonny profile image

      Veronica Almeida 3 years ago from TORONTO

      Thanks Johnf12.

    • profile image

      Johnf12 3 years ago

      Very neat article post.Much thanks again. Much obliged. adfcfdcedabe

    • varonny profile image

      Veronica Almeida 8 years ago from TORONTO

      SweetiePie I'll be sharing more stuff around the arts world. I think art is a very important part of our life, it teahces you and allows you to speak up and let your imagination grow, thus, let yourself grow too.

      Thanks for the comment! :)

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

      I have not been to an art show or an art museum in awhile. Thanks for sharing about this art show as it does sound interesting.