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'Hearts Beat Loud' Is a Surprising Feel-Good Film

Updated on April 3, 2020

'Hearts Beat Loud'

After a few days of being quarantined, I needed a good movie to bring my spirits up. I was looking through Hulu in search of the movie to do just that. That is when I came upon 'Hearts Beat Loud.'

The first thing to catch my eye is Nick Offerman who is featured on the cover. I am a huge fan of Offerman because of Parks and Recreations. If you've ever seen that T.V. series, then you know that he is a very funny man.

After reading the description from Hulu, I decided it sounded like an enjoyable film. However, I did not expect it to take me by surprise the way it did. Offerman draws you in within seconds of being on screen. Then the story will grip you so hard that you will not look away.

So, Offerman plays Frank. Frank is a single dad and a record store owner. His wife passed away in a bicycle accident, his daughter is moving away for college, and he cannot afford to keep the record store open.

Needless to say, Frank is not happy with his life.

Though one thing keeps him going, his daughter, Sam. The two share a similar interest- music. Every week they participate in a "jam session" between the two of them.

After recording a song just for fun, Frank uploads the song to Spotify where it begins to take wind. Frank hears the song playing in a coffee shop and discovers the possibility that has presented itself.

This is where the story takes a turn for the emotional. The audience watches as Frank tries to convince Sam to stay and partake in this opportunity to make music. She is faced with a choice because she has a great opportunity either way.

Sam also meets a girl with who she strikes a relationship. This creates more tension whether she should stay or go.

I'm telling you- it is a good movie.

Let's get to talking about the things I liked about the movie (spoiler alert: there wasn't anything that I disliked).

Mr. Nick Offerman, ladies and gentleman...

I have already said it, but I want to expand on the subject- Nick Offerman is incredible.

I am only familiar with Offerman's comedic roles. Though, I have seen films such as 'The Founder' which is a dramatic film. However, his role is not a tear-jerking performance or anything.

So, this film was a pleasant surprise for me from Offerman's performance. He steals the screen with every line and expression.

His character has gone and is going through a lot of stuff in his life. Some of which I have explained already so I will not go back into it. However, we also learn through the film that he was a musician back in his day. This is something his wife and him shared as they would play together.

His backstory is completely explained. Which is a good thing because we can understand why he wants Sam to take the opportunity that has presented itself. He has been there and wants her to be able to experience it.

It is hard to watch him try to keep Sam with him as she prepares to move to college. He does not want to lose her like he lost her mother. It is a sad aspect to think about, especially if you are able to relate to this.

The way Offerman uses his facial expressions to say what he doesn't want to verbally say is the reason he commands the screen. He makes us feel for this character and want to see him come out on top regardless of the situation he is in.

Underlying Themes

Brett Haley, the director, is very good at creating these heart-touching films with deep themes. If you look at his filmography, Haley's films depict young adolescent love, growing older, losing loved ones, starting over, etc.

This film is no exception. One of the themes I just mentioned and even mentioned earlier- losing loved ones. This is big in this film with the loss of Sam's mother but also Frank "losing" Sam as she moves for college.

There is also the coming of age sub-plot that is told from Sam's point of view. However, there are two themes in the film that I enjoyed quite a bit.

The first is interracial relationships. Frank's wife was African American. Without shoving anything in your face, the film depicts an interracial couple in a way that we listen to. And also the fact that Frank is a single father raising a child is a huge theme.

The other theme that I liked was the same-sex relations. Sam is also gay and she falls in love with another woman.

This film depicts several themes within the family relationship that glides right into the story with ease (A white man married an African American woman. He becomes a single dad and must raise their child by himself while she finds her sexuality).

This film has a lot to say without being preachy. That is how a film makes a point!

'Hearts Beat Loud': Trailer

Final Thoughts:

'Hearts Beat Loud' is a movie that we all need to watch. It deals with dramatic elements that will make you feel all mushy inside. However, the last 15-20 minutes will bring a smile to your face and warm your heart.

Offerman leads a talented cast and steals the show, but never takes away from his co-stars. Everyone has a story and everyone is trying their best to be happy.

The film has a voice and wants to say something. So when... yes, WHEN you watch this film, be sure to open your eyes and ears and pay attention.

Finally, 'Hearts Beat Loud' has a great soundtrack that brings the film full circle to being an amazing movie. The central song 'Hearts Beat Loud' will be one you will go back to after you watch the film, I promise.

If you turn on the news, you are going to see death tolls and stock market prices. As those are important to pay attention to, there is nothing but negativity and bad news. If you have Hulu, turn 'Hearts Beat Loud' on and restore your faith in dreams and loved ones.

Best way to describe the film: A beautiful, feel-good film that needs to be seen by everyone!

5 stars for 'Hearts Beat Loud'

'Hearts Beat Loud': Music Video


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