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The Walking Dead: Mid-Season 7 Finale Review

Updated on January 18, 2017

The Walking Dead Fall Finale: Heart’s Still Breathing was a well needed change of pace for the Walking Dead. We finally see Rick in the final moments of the episode giving in and wanting to rise up and fight against Negan after a season long tormenting by the saviors. It's just a shame that we have to wait into the show returns to get the payoff of all that built up tension.

In this episode we finally see Rick admitting and coming to terms that they must take out Negan. The big question is what was it that changes Rick’s mind? It seemed like everyone in the show wanted to take out Negan except for Rick. Throughout the season so far Michonne kept trying to convince Rick that this wasn’t the life for them and they needed to do something. Rick wouldn’t listen to her as he even went so far as to give up one of their last guns to Negan willingly.

To be fair, Negan did push Rick to a level that we have never seen before. He killed Glen, Abraham and nearly made Rick cut off his son’s Carol arm. So I think we can give him a pass, but it still felt good to finally see Rick get back to his old ways.


The two big deaths of the episode seemed to come right out of nowhere. Olivia’s death seemed to be a bit overdone but the show has shown it will not hold back on killing defenseless characters. Still it seemed to be an unfair death as she was threated before by Negan once before when they couldn’t find one gun that was listed. Either way her death was a sad one and she will be missed.

Spencer’s death on the other hand seemed justified, as he tried to manipulate his way into becoming the leader of the group. Negan was able to see right through his act, because he knew exactly what Spencer was trying to do. Spencer did have a legitimate beef with Rick as his whole life came crumbling down as soon as the new group entered Alexandria, but that’s the price everyone pays in the post-apocalyptic world.


This shows just how unpredictable Negan can be. One minute he is Mr. Nice guy wanting to keep the strong alive and then the next minute he’s the killer that wants to kill anyone who tries to get in his way. In a way it doesn’t quite make sense, as he swiftly kills Spencer with a knife as soon as he found out he wanted to be the leader of Alexandria. Then Negan does nothing to Rosita as she literally tried to shoot him with a gun!

Although the TV show has been playing this season close to the comic book rendition, it's still a bit unsettling to watch. Negan is unpredictable but it seems only when it's convenient. He doesn’t kill off characters that we want to live and then he get kill happy with more expendable characters.

Either way we finally got to the tipping point of Rick wanting to attack Negan, after literally every other character wanted to fight back against the saviors. The major downside is that we have to wait into the mid-season premiere in order to see what happens next.

Did you enjoy the mid-season finale?

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