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EXID and Heize Join the Performance Lineup at KCON 2018 NY

Updated on April 15, 2018
The lastest release by EXID is a single album titled "Lady."
The lastest release by EXID is a single album titled "Lady." | Source

Later on this year in June, U.S. fans of Korean content, specifically K-pop and K-dramas, will get a chance to experience the biggest Korean content celebration on the East side of the country, KCON 2018 NY.

Last week, CJ E&M released to the press that Wanna One would be performing at the highly-anticipated event. This week, two more musical acts join Wanna One. They are EXID and Heize.

Who are EXID and Heize?

Short for "Exceed in Dreaming," EXID is a five-member girl group, consisting of Solji, LE, Hani, Hyelin, and Jeonghwa, formed under Banana Culture Entertainment. They made their debut in 2012 with "Whoz That Girl." In 2014, they rose to fame with their breakout hit song, "Up & Down."

With, "Up & Down," EXID utilized the sexy concept which proved to be a formula for their success. Ergo, they continued using it in subsequent releases. This includes the 2015 release of their second extended play (EP) or mini-album, Ah Yeah. Later that year, EXID released the song "Hot Pink" followed by the song "L.I.E." the following year. Both were eventually featured in EXID's first studio album, Street.

Presently, EXID is performing and promoting with four members. Their leader, Solji, is out on medical leave after being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. However, she still records her parts in songs in the studio. This was first done with their hit song "DDD" and is still in place.

Earlier this month, EXID released their latest song "Lady" in their first single album. It has a nostalgic 90s hip-hop vibe and is already doing far better than their previous song "Night Rather Than Day." It also continues EXID's determination to prove to the K-pop fandom they don't need to depend on the sexy concept to be successful.

Jang Da-hye, better known by her stage name Heize, is a singer-songwriter and rapper signed to CJ E&M. She made her debut back in 2014 with her self-titled EP or mini-album. However, it was after appearing in the second season of Unpretty Rapstar that she would be noticed.

Since then, Heize released three more EPs. Her most recent release, Wind, released last March and has over 4,500 copies sold in Korea alone. Two of its songs, "Jenga" and "Didn't Know Me," were featured.

For K-drama fans, Heize is known for her work on the original soundtracks (OSTs) of many popular K-dramas. She performed "Did You Ride UFO" for the extremely popular Jealousy Incarnate. Her most popular song for a K-drama OST however was "Round and Round," the main theme for the most popular K-drama for Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.

The biggest celebration of "All Things Hallyu" in North America

KCON USA is the largest North American convention dedicated to "All Things Hallyu." It originally launched back in 2012 with just around 10,000 fans attending. Since then, it has grown exponentially with almost 200,000 fans attending. As a matter of fact, it has grow so popular that it is now divided into two conventions. The first one takes place in New York City while the second one takes place in its original venue of Los Angeles.

KCON 2018 NY will take place in the Prudential Center on Saturday and Sunday, June 23 and 24, 2018. There will be more musical acts leading up to the event.


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