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Looking For A Hello Kitty Electric Guitar?

Updated on March 12, 2011

Everyone has heard of Hello Kitty, and this cute cartoon cat has appeared on just about every consumer product you can think of. Guitars are no exception, and now thanks to Fender, Hello Kitty fans both young and old can play on the specially designed Hello Kitty Electric guitar. Let's take a look at these guitars in more detail.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a white Japanese bobtail cat, designed by the company Sanrio. The first Hello Kitty appeared in 1974, and today she and her associated cartoon friends are a worldwide phenomenon. Although aimed at children, Hello Kitty is also become a cult favourite among adults across the world.

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The Hello Kitty Electric Guitar

The Hello Kitty guitar is made by Fender, under their Squier brand. Squier produces lower-priced guitars which still maintain Fender’s high quality standards. Many Squier guitars have the familiar Stratocaster body shape, and this is true of the Hello Kitty guitar also.

The Hello Kitty electric guitar was first introduced in 2006, and has proved highly popular among young guitarists, especially beginners. It is also often played by adult guitarists who appreciate its kitsch value. Although Hello Kitty tends to have a female following, a number of prominent male guitarists have also played this guitar.

The Hello Kitty guitar is available in two colours: pink and black. Both of these feature a white hello kitty pick guard. There is also a Hello Kitty logo collage design on the back of the guitar.

Despite its cartoonish design, the Hello Kitty guitar should not be seen as a toy; it is a fully functional guitar, and is of good quality, especially compared to many other beginner guitars. Overall, this guitar makes an excellent starter instrument for anyone who appreciates the Hello Kitty design, as well as a fun supplementary instrument for serious guitarists who fancy something a bit different.

Hello Kitty Electric Guitar Features

The Hello Kitty guitar’s specifications include:

  • Maple neck
  • 21 fret fingerboard
  • 25.5 inch neck with full scale length
  • Chrome hardware
  • Humbucking bridge pickup
  • Agathis body for a rich tone
  • Single volume control

Hello Kitty Acoustic Guitars

A variety of Hello Kitty-branded acoustic guitars have also been made. Squier produced a dreadnought version, also in a choice of black and pink with different Hello Kitty designs, although as far as I can tell this is no longer in production. Sanrio has also produced their own version.

Hello Kitty Guitar Accessories & Related Items

As well as the guitar, Hello Kitty fans can also get a variety of Hello Kitty guitar accessories (note that these are not all produced by Fender). These include a pink strap with a Hello Kitty face at the end, a portable headphone amp, and Hello Kitty guitar picks. There is also a clothing range which features the Hello Kitty character playing the guitar.

Buying a Hello Kitty Guitar

Due to their popularity, Hello Kitty guitars can be hard to get hold of, especially in physical stores. Your best bet is probably to buy one on the internet, where’ you’ll find the best prices and choice. You might also have luck finding one at a bargain price on eBay.


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    • Syrusv37 profile image

      Anthony 7 years ago

      Great Hub! My girlfriend loves Hello Kitty and she's really into punk/rock/screamo/metal music like me, so I'm sure she'd love this. Keep up the awesome work!