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Help Santa Live Forever

Updated on September 20, 2015

I tried hard fighting against the slumber that's trying to engulf me. I want to remain awake to see if Santa is real. I and my brother had asked our aunt to put these old knee socks on the upper part of the door jamb just outside the main door for Santa Claus. I'm sure he can easily spot it. Then me and my brother would creep inside our bedroom and tucked ourselves believing that Santa is coming to bring us gifts if we are asleep. But my curiosity got the best of me that I leap out of my bed when I thought that everyone else are busy doing something else in the kitchen. My mother and aunt were doing some cooking for our midnight meal. My father is out somewhere while my two uncles were doing some last minute errands. Silently, I would tiptoe my way towards the living room, peep through the glass window to see if Santa Claus had arrived. I could see our socks hanging limply. Feeling slightly dismayed, I would console myself, telling that it's not yet midnight.

I was fighting against sleep but in the end, I was lost in a dream. There were lots of candies of varied colors, chocolates, mechanical toys going to and fro as if having a life of their own. Colorful and awesome items flooded our room, making me hysterical with enjoyment. I leaped out of my bed and WHOA! Everything vanished in a flash and then I remember what I had to do. I glance at the door through the window glass pane, when I saw that our sacks were no longer hanging limply. I take a quick glimpse at the clock on the wall. It's 12:05! Oh I must have missed him by 5 minutes! If I had woke up earlier then I could have meet him then I could tell the whole class how Santa Claus visited me tonight. Most of my classmates didn't believe in Santa Claus. They said Santa Claus is not true. He is just a myth but our socks told otherwise. Next Christmas, I promise myself to give Santa anything to make him wait for me even for a minute. I wanted so much to see dear Santa.

The next year, I find myself longing every minute for Christmas Season. Every day I would set aside 50 cents for Santa, something to make him stay even just for a minute.

Now it's December, I had 5.50 Pesos in my hand. Next week, I will add 50 cents more to make it 6.00 Php. .But what could I buy out of this? I was saddened by the thought but my spirit will not give in to that melancholy. I told myself, I would buy something for Santa! With this in my thoughts, my spirit was lifted.

The very first Monday of December, I completed my task. Now I had six pesos in my hand. My next task is to look for something to buy. I rush towards the downtown area to scout for something to buy with my money. I can't seem to find anything to buy with 12 pieces of coins in my pocket. I was about to walk away when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye. It's a Christmas card and written there across the photo of Santa are these words,MY GIFT FOR DEAR SANTA. Hanging there on Santa's hands was a pair of old knee sacks, just like what me and my brother used to hang on the door sill. I could imagine seeing Santa's overwhelming joy while staring at those old, worn-out socks pair of socks. Then suddenly I realized what Santa really need for Christmas. I bought the card and rushed back home with real happiness in my heart. Now I know I had bought that best-buy card for Santa. The card brought me back to my senses. That night as I hang those sacks in their usual places, I promised myself not to sleep. I want to see a real Santa this time.


Night came, I leap out of my bed just in time to hear those sleigh tires make a loud screech as its wheels went into a full forced stop just outside the doorsteps. Then I heard a loud Ho! Ho! Ho! But no one except me seem to hear it. Then my eyes almost bulged out of their sockets to see Santa Claus get out of his sleigh pulled by those wide-eyed reindeers. Then Santa makes a pull on our socks and with it was my best-buy card. It fall right there on his hands. He read my message written on the card:

Dear Santa,

This is all I got for Christmas but I want you to know, I had this best buy for you. Every Christmas eve, you packed our socks not only with gifts we want but with LOVE and HOPE that only you can give us. With these things you bought us every Christmas, you will forever remain in my heart and thoughts. You may be real or not but our socks prove that you are and will remain to live as long as we children continue to believe. Thank you so much and Merry, merry Christmas to you!

I hear Santa Clause released a loud guffaw then he looked at me through the window glass. He pointed at something inside our empty socks. He took something from his duffle bag and put it inside. Then, he limped his way back to his sleigh and was gone in an instant. I was left there in awe and wonder, still staring at the open space where Santa had been standing before. From that time on, I would sleep before the clock struck midnight. I never doubt that Santa would be coming for he never fails me. For a while, gifts in our socks stopped coming after my graduation in elementary then I got more bigger gifts from him packed in colorful wrappers and tied with brightly-colored ribbons.

Santa will continue to come as long as children continue to believe in his existence. He will keep coming as long as those old, worn-out stockings or socks are left hanging on your door sill to remind him that there are still some children out here who had their hopes cast on him and believe that he is coming to give them love and joy even for just one Christmas eve.

Old Santa maybe a myth but in the minds of these little children who believed and had their hopes pinned on him to make Christmas a wonderful celebration, he will forever remain alive in their thoughts.

Now that I am a mother myself, I really can't tell if Santa Claus is real or just a product of my eagerness to see him alive. However, true or not, I would prefer to believe in his



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    • Lendell Sapphira profile image

      Helen Dellomes 2 years ago from Philippines

      I'm sure his creator is someone with a creative mind and a big heart!

    • firstcookbooklady profile image

      Char Milbrett 2 years ago from Minnesota

      Sometimes I wonder who made up Santa...