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The Show - Helpful Tips For Modern Living

Updated on April 6, 2011
"The Show", "Helpful Tips For Modern Living", and "The Show" logo copyright:  Joe Capristo, Freelance Writer 2011
"The Show", "Helpful Tips For Modern Living", and "The Show" logo copyright: Joe Capristo, Freelance Writer 2011 | Source

Welcome To Helpful Tips For Modern Living

Your source for product reviews, tips to stretch your budget, must have items, warnings on wasteful or shoddy products, active toys, exercises, cooking, social events, shopping and more.

At my home laboratory I'm constantly testing, reviewing, modifying and inventing products and services to make daily living a little bit easier.

Due to HubPages restrictions on promotional content I can only post the direct link to whichever article is the newest.  However, you can easily find your way to any article by starting at my Yahoo Network profile page,here.

Loratadine is a generic sold at most stores.

Give Loratadine a Try if You Suffer Acutely From Allergies

I suffer greatly from allergies, far more than most people. My nose has been broken many times and I am a long time smoker, with an average habit. I have your typical constant "smoker's cough". In addition, my parents suffer violent reactions to pet and plant allergies; which as I am approaching middle age, I seem to be getting those genetic gifts a bit late.

I live in a particularly bad climate and region for someone who suffers seasonal allergies, North Carolina. It seems that I catch a cold or sinus infection from allergy irritation almost every month. If it isn't pollen and allergens, it's mold spores, or dust in the vents. Like many others who suffer allergies I have tried the whole range of cold remedies.There seems to be no rhyme or reason. What worked for me one summer may not work the next year. Well, what seems to be working well for me for at least two spring seasons is Loratadine.

Loratadine is the generic name or or active ingredient of Claritin and Alavert. While many people say there is no difference between name brand and generic prescription drugs, I disagree. Every body is different, and maybe the slight differences in the inactive ingredients between name brands and generics changes the way that the body absorbs the chemicals. Who knows? What I do know is that Claratin used to make me dizzy and nauseous and make me overheat in the summer and Loratadine doesn't. I was shocked to find they are basically the same drug.

I am currently using Target store's "Up & UP" brand "Non-drowsy allergy relief medication, Loratadine 10 mg" because it is competitively priced against other stores similar products. Any store will have a similar product. A little white 10mg loratadine pill. Loratadine has been working well for me the past few days. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to not have a sore throat, sinuses, or ear canals. Give it a try if your regular medicines aren't helping.

A word of warning: I'm a little overweight, and I'm broad shouldered and have some muscle so I often take more than the prescribed dose of over the counter medications. Loratadine warns not to take more than one per 24 hours or drowsiness may occur. I took two of these the other night because I hadn't read the warning... I spent the majority of the following day asleep. One is enough.

Try the generic Loratadine if you suffer like I do from severe sinus irritation. Good luck with your allergies and be sure to drink lots of water, as much as you can, while taking allergy medications as they are extremely dehydrating.

bobble bottles come in 6 colors.
bobble bottles come in 6 colors. | Source

Bobble Water Bottle Makes Great Tasting Water

I have experimented with a wide range of water filtering products and water bottles. Bobble water bottles have a built in water filter inside the cap of the bottle so you can filter tap water as you drink.

The bobble bottle has many qualities, such as shape and materials, that are a cut above other products but what stands out is the taste of the water. Do yourself a favor and buy one of these.

Read my full review, here. [Link removed due to Hubpages promotional restrictions, use the link to my profile page above for links to every article. Thanks.]

Shower Gel and Body Wash Products For Men

The results of my three month study on Men's body wash products has yielded informative results. I compared several major brand products and scents on effectiveness and value. Check out my full "Men's Guide to Using Body Wash Products"on Yahoo Network, here.[Link removed due to Hubpages promotional restrictions, use the link to my profile page above for links to every article.  Thanks.]

The results speak for themselves. Whatever brand and scent of shower gel you choose, give up on bar soap. You'll feel cleaner and smell better longer with a good gel product.

Green living doesn't have to be a chore.
Green living doesn't have to be a chore. | Source

10 Tips for Green Living You May Not Have Thought of

We all know about recycling and turning off lights and alliances, but did you know that sometimes the right thing to do is leave the light on? 

Turning on a light uses as much energy in that one instant as running the light for 15 minutes.  If you will be returning to a room in under a quarter hour, leave that light on.  Check out the rest of my ten less obvious tips,here.

Bet you feel bad about all those light switch disco parties now.


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