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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo -- Is It Really Goodbye Forever?

Updated on September 27, 2012

Could we be that lucky?

I kind of have a bad feeling that despite what TLC was saying, this is goodbye to the Boo Clan forever. When you've got a show that's getting mentions on all the late night talk shows, not to mention the Emmy's, that doesn't seem like a show you'd just be willing to let fade into the sunset.

I felt a bit guilty calling the Boo a brat, but you know what? She is a brat. With each passing episode we see just how much of a spoiled brat she truly is.

Mama decided to have a set of family pictures done before Chickadee pops her cork, so to speak. I'm sorry, but if you're so dirt poor you eat roadkill, you can't afford to hire you're own personal photographer to do on-location shots of you. The cry of poverty is becoming more and more unbelievable as time goes by, as well.

During the photo shoot the Boo was a complete and total brat. I don't go for hitting kids, but she needed a good smack. As I said, as time has gone by she's shown her true colors and they aren't pretty. What initially seemed like an earthy and wacky child, is coming off as a kid that is nothing but an obnoxious spoiled brat.

By some miracle the pictures get taken and the photographer looked like she was relieved to be finally free of them. The pictures actually looked like they turned out nice.

Next up, was taking the Boo to another pageant in hopes she'll win a big prize. She was modeling her new blue swimsuit showing off her big stomach. Unfortunately for the Boo, Chickadee went into labor before they could leave for the pageant plan had to be called off.

I don't give Mama kudos for much, but I will give her some for this. She said they've got a different pageant every week. That her daughter going in labor was more important than a pageant and family comes first. A lot of other pageant mothers would have sent Sugar Bear with Chickadee to the hospital and still gone to the pageant. So she gets good marks for putting her pregnant daughter first.

A few hours after arriving at the hospital, Chickadee gave birth to Baby Kaitlyn aka Baby K. It seems Baby K was born with a birth defect. She has two right thumbs. Okay, I don't know anything about birthing or growing a baby, but with proper neo-natal care, how could something like this happen? Mama said something about it happening because Baby K was born early, but that makes no sense. Two thumbs developed on one hand as she was growing inside Chickadee; it had nothing to do with being born too early. I shudder to think what kind of nickname Baby K will be given as she grows older.

After the baby drama, it's back to Pageant City, as the Boo prepares to attend one that's being held in two days time. Mama calls in Uncle Poodle. It's revealed the Boo calls anyone she discovers that's gay a poodle. It's at this point in this kid's development that she should be corrected and told not to give gay people an insulting label like calling them poodles. Unfortunately, this kid doesn't seem to be corrected in any of her bad behavior.

When we met Uncle Poodle in Toddlers and Tiaras he seemed to really love the family. Not so. I also got the impression he was Mama's brother. Also not so. Turns out he's Sugar's little brother and he doesn't know how his brother puts up with this family of rednecks. He pretty much said something nasty about all the females in the family. He said one is always scratching her bugs [Mama], one is always farting [?} and one is always scratching her butt. I forgot the other thing he said one of them is always doing, but it was nasty.

Poodle tries to teach Boo a routine for her pageant, but she won't pay attention or even practice it. The Boo is such a spoiled rotten brat she thinks showing up should be enough for her to win the top prize. God forbid she actually try and work for it by practicing like other girls do.

At the pageant the Boo can't fit into the dress that was just bought for her. She's apparently gotten too fat to fit into it. When she prances on stage in it, she seems to manage to keep from letting the judges see the back of the dress where you can see it barely fits her. Then she prances on stage in her blue swim suit. She claimed she won second runner-up. She also wins an audience favorite prize which I question if it isn't something TLC made up to put a good ending on the final episode. She thinks that equates to winning Ultimate Grand Supreme.

During the pageant Sugar brings Glitzy in to see Boo, but Mama says she can't bring him home. Then Mama seems to put an epilogue on the series as it fades to black. However, with this show getting so much buzz, I have my doubts TLC is just going to let it go. Even while they were saying this was goodbye, they labelled it the season finale, not series finale. So we'll see if this is really goodbye forever or if they'll be back again next summer.


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