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Hit TV Series - Heroes

Updated on August 16, 2010

TV Series Heroes

Heroes Tv Show.
Heroes Tv Show.

Heroes Seasons On Dvd At

Heroes The Story So Far....

Heroes are many and the villains were few in the beginning, this fact of the shows characters was blurred, the shows characters were just finding out their powers, usually starting out with a headache but the characters usually not in full control of their powers or not wanting to show them to many people.

Hiro the Japanese character sums the world of Heroes up in a fan boy sense of the superhero world that the writers of the show create, finding out that he can time travel and stop time and teleport to New York and other places at will, is like he found a new toy at first.

If you are a fan of the superhero genre and comic books then this is for you, the first series has an end of the world theme which works well and sets up most of the main characters and multiple story arcs for the conclusion at the end of the series, although the end of the first series the final episode fell slightly flat as we was all expecting some big super powered fight with all the main players, but it was a good start nonetheless and you came to like some of the characters, even though you knew that some would die and indeed they did die.

Of course the running themes of family run quite deep with heroes and you then find out that all the main players are all connected in some way, through the fact of them having powers and what the company is a part of makes for an interesting plot point.

The second series fell short due to the writers strike, but it wasn't all that bad, just a condensed series that had to scale down slightly on it's episode count, but it rather set things up for the third series really in a way, introducing to us some more potential villains with nightmare man and Adam, although we got to see Sylar powerless through the whole of the second season, but we knew he'd get his powers back in the end and he did.

The second series had an end of the world theme with a killer virus, so it felt sort of back to form for the heroes to sort it all out, but with every series that is ever created they have to evolve the characters more which they have just started to do more in the third series now and that is where we are up to with the close of volume three entitled villains we got to see heroes become villains and villains become heroes for awhile.

In this third volume of chapters we saw a few good characters get killed off, although I can't see how Arthur Petrelli could have been killed since he absorbed Adams immortal healing power when he sucked the life out of him and killed him, oh well, I liked all the powers that Arthur had stolen from others and he was an interesting villain.

The formula for creating super powered people with abilities was a neat idea but it was altogether scrapped quite soon leading into the fourth volume Fugitives and left a somewhat disjointed feel to the series as a whole, Sylar is still the same thank god, even though somewhere in volume three the writers made him temporarily a good guy for a few episodes which was interesting but I'm glad they brought him back as the central villain he started out as in the first series.

The fugitives volume becomes a bit like some x-men related hunt for the mutants which is a memorable nod to the old comics I grew up on, but there is a repetitive caught and capture feel throughout this volumes chapters, were we see some of our main characters get caught and escape a few times which gets a little tedious, I'm wondering when Hiro and Peter Petrelli will get their full powers back in stead of parts of them or in the case of Peter he has to touch someone with a power to only recieve that power which is new for peters character but quite naff for long term heores fans as he was Sylars equal.

Sylars hunt for his biological father is a good story plot development in the Sylar Saga and to see his father dying of cancer but just like Sylar himself hungry for power and others abilities was a great twist of good storytelling, and pretty much it's Sylar who steals most of the good interactions with the other cast as we are in on most of his ahead of the game antics.

I hope that the end of this Fugitives volume will prove good for future of the series as a whole as I am a fan of the show.

Sylar: The Villain/Hungry Guy Brain Fiddler

The Story Of Sylar: Villain Or Just A Spoilt Brat!??

Gabriel Gray was just a simple watch maker and fixer who always thought he'd be special, although he had no decent powers at first, his main power was to find the inner complexities of fixing a watch, but this would lead him to discover that this was a power that would open up the doorway to taking other peoples powers and becoming a serial killer who would kill them and take their power from their brains.

He discovered that there others like him and that a Doctor named Suresh had found the genetic markers of all the other people who had a power 

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