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Heroes Reborn

Updated on February 23, 2014

Heroes captured our hearts and our minds when it came out way back in 2006. The tagline, "Save the Cheerleader, Save the world" was etched into our minds for the first half of the season and then it became something much bigger on a much grander scale as the characters story arcs became more developed. However, after a terrific first season and arguably the best season of any television show, the show was stuck in neutral thanks to the dreaded writer's strike. Originally, show creator wanted to make the show an anthology format, with different characters and actors every season. Due to the fan's love of the characters he changed that plan quickly and focused on making the show entirely about them. As the show continued from the writer's strike it had a had time finding it's footing as it struggled to regain it's form from the first season. It struggled through five seasons but still had a loyal fan base that even wanted the show to return following it's end. Those fans now got their wish.

NBC has announced that Heroes: Reborn will come out as a mini-series in 2015, while featuring a thirteen episode stand-alone arc. Creator Tim Kring is set to come back as the executive producer and it has also been announced that a digital short will be released before the show is released which will help introduce the new characters. On the topic of the original cast, NBC has stated that the show will be shrouded in secrecy until it is released but it is not out of the realm of possibility that some members of the original cast will come back in some variety. This news is not surprising as I am sure they want this new stand-alone arc to be able to stand on it's own and not have to rely on the success of it's predecessor. Aside from that, some of the original cast have seen their careers take off and become rather big actors, most notably being Zachary Quinto, and with that being said it would be tough to see some of them come back. Now, others I am sure will say this is a knee jerk reaction by NBC capitalizing on the ever growing superhero love in television and movies as they are one of the few studios without a solid program of that nature. CW has Arrow and soon to be Flash, Fox will have Gotham, a prequel to Batman for all intensive purposes.

If I were asked as to who I could see comeback it would be Hiro Nakumura. It is very simple to slip him into this new stand-alone arc because of Hiro's power to teleport and travel between time. They could have Hiro in the background appearing and disappearing as we see the new characters interacting in the foreground, or he could very well be a central character but I don't think they would make anyone from the original cast a starring role in this new mini-series. We don't even know what time period Heroes Reborn will take place. It would make the most sense, and be radically different if it were after the series finale of Heroes seeing how Claire Bennett showed the world that people with powers exist. That would set the new series in a completely different world, or as Sylar called it, A Brave New World. One would presume that humans would not take the news of people with powers very well and eventually there would be riots against them and even a political figure plotting against them. After all, we fear what we don't understand.

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As I have stated before, the number one actor I cannot see coming back is that of Zachary Quinto. He is doing well for himself and has starred in some movies now while also appearing rather frequently in the hit television show American Horror Story. I also do not see them bringing back any of the Petrelli family as they were featured rather prominently throughout the original and the show almost always centered around them. So if they were included in this new series, it would connect the two shows a bit too much. I do wonder if Claire would be at all introduced as she is a fairly big actress, but her final part on the original series was huge. It would not surprise me at all if the show does indeed take place after her reveal that they show it again, or she is shown throughout the series on TV talk shows talking about her abilities and trying to paint people like her in a good image as opposed to those that view them as a danger.

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