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Heroes Reborn Episode 1&2: Brave New World &Odessa Recap

Updated on September 25, 2015


I'm gonna be talking about Heroes Reborn today, a show sequel of another show that once held so much promise everybody loved it until writer strikes happened and everyone felt betrayed, essentially in a nut shell. There will be some spoilers, but I'll mark it accordingly.

I also plan on posting these recaps every Friday (hopefully) after the show, so if you'd like you can follow and not miss some of my thoughts, or you can always refer back so you don't miss anything.

Logo image for Heroes Reborn
Logo image for Heroes Reborn | Source

Initial Impressions

Boy oh boy, I really liked these episodes. It's a bunch of new faces, meaning potential powers we haven't seen, new relationships that aren't dependant on the old, and basically just an overall freshness. Sure, I might not have liked everything in the show (comedic relief character is just so-so, surprise animated portion is fairly shoddy, and there's a single character I intensely dislike) but it's good, as in better than my expectations.

Spoilers will follow below in my recap, but I also warn that this isn't going to cover every little bit of things since it was a two hour premiere and I don't feel it's fair to make two pages for one televised night. Enjoy!

Jack Coleman returning as Noah Bennet
Jack Coleman returning as Noah Bennet | Source

Recap (and Spoilers!)

We're greeted to a familiar face of Noah Bennet as some kind of fair that promotes relations between normal people and 'Evos' which are people with powers. It's revealed he hasn't really talked to his daughter Claire (the regenerating cheerleader) in some time but they're going to meet up here. Then, there's an explosion of some kind from some dark shadow overhead, killing most everyone including Claire. The news claims that Mohinder Suresh (a character from the first season) has become a terrorist and claims the act was his responsibility. Flash forward some time. Bennet is a car salesman engaged to a woman and realizes he's being stalked.

Elsewhere, There's a meeting of powered people who discuss the situation of the world (terrorist acts are blaming Evos and Evos keep disappearing around the world). A boy named Tommy (played by Robbie Kay who also played super-creepy Peter Pan on Once Upon a Time) leaves after getting a text from his mother asking where he was. Soon after, one of the people in the meeting (played by Zachary Levi from Chuck) pulls out a gun as a black woman enters the room and they kill everyone. Apparently this couple, named Luke and Joanne, has been going around and killing Evos.

Going to Carlos's story, he's a Hispanic man who 'earned' the Medal of Valor and was screwing a teacher he doesn't know in a janitorial closet at a school he was giving a speech at (all while pouring alcohol into his soda can). Turns out, he's ashamed of what he's claimed to have done as he recounts to his brother. Later, after much talk of a luchador hero Evo, it's revealed that Carlos's brother wore the mask and got shot after a trap. Carlos takes up his brother's charge by helping other Evos escape via Underground Railroad. It's unclear if he has any powers yet. However, Carlos's nephew can make his hand go through solid objects, so there's that.

In Tokyo, Miko is visited by a gamer who claims a game he's finishing he brought him to her apartment, claiming she's just like this 'Katana Girl' from the game who's father was kidnapped and whose sword is hidden under the boards of his room. She eventually finds this katana and gets warped into a shoddy digital world where she kills samurai bandits with her sword while trying to save her father. Places in the game represent the real world too, as she leaves the virtual world only to end up in a tower in her city. The boy also plays to aid her in the game world. It's very much Hiro and Ando from the original show, only reversed temperaments. It's also unclear if her power is to take her to this virtual world, as it only happens when the sword is unsheathed. It's handle also has the same symbol as Hiro's katana, meaning it's likely the same weapon.

Miko with her father's katana
Miko with her father's katana | Source

Back to Tommy. Apparently the boy and his mother have relocated several times whenever he can't control his powers. He still goes to high school and watches a girl and her boyfriend interact before she walks away, watching her as she leaves. The boyfriend roughly handles him as a warning and leaves. When school is out, the girl named Emily talks to him about their coach's death (as he was one of those at the meeting), invites him to apply at her work (which Tommy visits a lot), and apologizes to him about her boyfriend's actions. He goes with her to her work.

After accepting the hire, Tommy sees Luke from the meeting and goes to talk with him. Joanne helps to corner Tommy (who doesn't know that Luke was responsible for the deaths at the meeting) and they take him outside. When Emily goes to catch him, Joanne is about to shoot her but Tommy makes them disappear. It's revealed much later that the sends them to places that he's currently thinking of, this time to a location he remembers being observed as a child. Instead of freaking out, Emily accepts him and thanks him for saving her. The boyfriend later sees Tommy disappearing a flower for her and forces him to make his abusive stepfather disappear as well as blackmail.

Tommy doesn't follow through, but the man disappears later after another man visits the house. This fairly large man has been following Tommy and causes witnesses of Tommy's person to forget him by giving them pennies. We don't know much else about him.

At a casino bar, a man continues to roll lucky dice breathed on them by a woman with red hair (who's played by Clint Eastwood's daughter Francesca). A dark haired woman watches. The man and red haired woman leave to go back to his place and when he attempts to put the move on her, she blackmails him for his money, telling him that she'll tell the casino bouncers that he's an Evo. It's revealed he's a telekinetic and attacks her, only for onlookers in the hallway to knock him out. The dark haired woman takes the red haired woman away only to knock her out and bring her back to the Evo. They claim they've captured Molly Walker, the girl in the first show that could find anyone by thinking of them which made her a prime target of Sylar.

Finally back to Noah Bennet, his stalker is revealed to be a conspiracy theorist named Quentin. His claims that Primatech was just a front and someone engineered its explosion during the fair forces Bennet to investigate a lead which leads him to Renee, or better known as the Haitian (who made people forget things and suppressed other people's powers). During this meeting however, Renee tries to kill Bennet but is shot in the scuffle. Renee reveals that Bennet asked to forget things and to be killed if he ever came around looking for answers. Bennet gets Quentin out of jail to scope out the old Primatech building together where they discover not only is Claire not dead (as said on paper) but there is still a leftover cell working there.

This cell apparently predicts some cataclysmic event (as is the case with every season of Heroes) but the Primatech remnant has been working on avoiding it by studying Evos. The most important piece of it all is Molly Walker. Sadly, no further information can be gleaned because Luke and Joanne (whom I thoroughly dislike) shoot up the place after emerging from Tommy's old cell in the basement.

One last elsewhere, a blonde girl seems to control auroras in the sky while claiming 'It's coming sooner than we expected. I can't control it for much longer.' In the sky it looks like another eclipse of some kind. End of Episode 2.

Molly Walker and Carlos
Molly Walker and Carlos | Source

Closing Thoughts and Questions

Am I excited to see where everything goes? Most definitely! This season looks like it might be almost a copy-paste of the first season (random people have powers, will eventually cross paths and team up against the antagonist) but that's far from bad! Everything seems to have been kept canon and the universe continues to build which I appreciate.

There's a lot of faces and names so far, so I can understand if some of the above is still disorienting to understand what's happening. Hopefully that'll clear up.

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Further Reading

As the episodes progress, I plan on uploading more recaps so stayed tune if you enjoyed what I've provided here. So far this is the second show I've been writing a recap on. The first show was Wayward Pines, a thriller based on a book trilogy, back in the summer of 2015. If you're looking for something different to watch, I'd recommend it.


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