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He’s Back by upcoming producer Zig-Zag (Thirsty Thursdays)

Updated on November 25, 2010

Usually from Zig Zag, you get a nice/mellow Jazz Hip-Hop vibe. This is especially the case for the Thanksgiving special in which this was released. FOne thing I like about Zig Zag his taste of music especially down to the sample. Of course, this is solid due to his worldly experience of traveling to Japan, and hearing sounds there. It's always good to have a different perspective on music.The concept of "Thirsty Thursdays" is very simple. To any college goer out there, Thirsty Thursdays should already have meaning to you. For those that have no clue, it's basically a night where you go to a club or lounge and get drunk/twisted/buzz (pretty much just enjoy yourself). Hence the name "Thirsty"..and of course, it's on a Thursday nite, which is usually the start to the weekend for most college kids that don't have class on Friday morning. His new track entitled, "He's Back" is the perfect track to get chill and relax to. I mean, what better time to do that when your giving thanks and just on a relaxing vibe? For more info on this FREE download, check out his twitter. Additionally, for more music - please check out his bandcamp. ENJOY!!!


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