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Hilary Duff Films List

Updated on May 5, 2011

Our Favorite Movie Star and Singer, Ms Hilary Duff

If you landed on this page then chances are good that you're already a Hilary Duff fan.

Being a fan of this multi-talent and endearing lady myself, I've created my own list of the best of Hilary Duff films list.

Please enjoy the my short and personalised film review, movie trailers, and my all time favorite movie stills of the dazzling Ms Hilary Duff.

Here's A Novel Written by Ms Duff

Doesn't she look Stunningly Elegant. & Cute Too of Course
Doesn't she look Stunningly Elegant. & Cute Too of Course

Beauty and the Briefcase

This is a really really funny and sexy movie by my favorite singer actor, the bublelicious Ms Hilary Duff.

Here's Hilary in one of her most funny made for TV movie. She plays the ditzy fashion journalist who goes undercover in a corporate world of eligible men to write the perfect story on finding love in the work place.

Watch for the deliciously unexpected ending and please enjoy.

Checkout this Hilarious and Sexy Scene from Beauty and Briefcase

What Goes Up

This movie is kind of a change of pace for Duff who usually stars in "Cinderella" like films.

This film has a more realistic tone that merges emotional performances with bitter sweet and sometime off beat moments into a quite unique cinematic experience.

A Great Scene from What Goes Up

Gossip Girl

If you've missed the sexy and gossipy (is that even a word?) Gossip Girl then get ready for a real treat.

Personally I love this series because my idol Hilary Duff is in it. S what are you waiting for? Click the Gossip Girl Season 3 product to see the episode guide and watch only selected episodes or get the whole of season 3.

Watch for some of the most sensational and dare I say most well acted and tasteful girl kissing girl scene of all time (check the video clip to see for yourself).

A Heart Stopping Scene of Hilary Duff from Gossip Girl

What's Your Favorite Hilary Duff Movies?

Hope you thoroughly enjoyed this hand picked list of Hilary Duff movies.

If you love her movies then why need share your thoughts and suggest more of her great movies that works for you.

Hope to hear from you soon ... ...

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