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Hip Hop Savior?: The Potential of Slim Jesus

Updated on October 25, 2016

Is Slim Jesus the Second Coming?


The Arrival of a Rap Lord

Any white man worth his salt dreads the day that he discovers Slim Jesus. The young hip hop artist presents a candid persona which resonates with today’s I-need-it-right-now culture. Armed with prop pistols, suspect jewelry, and costume dollars, Slim Jesus presents to the world his twisted vision of force and terror. “Off the lean that Promethazine and got me walking around like a kickstand” displays the rappers versatile rap style. The close cut. The similar facial features to Marshall “Eminem/Slim Shady” Mathers. He wears medium sized t-shirts and more than likely droops his pants so that he shows his boxers. He’s moderately articulate and is able to field questions like a well-trained champ in the press. Why can’t we see Slim Jesus unite with fellow Ohioan rappers Colson “Machine Gun Kelly” Baker or Shad “Bow Wow” Moss? Why won’t he team with Nobel laureate Toni Morrison from Lorain, Ohio to promote literacy? Or why can't he and Cleveland Cavaliers small forward Lebron James do a guest spot for the upcoming National Basketball Association (NBA) season? His notoriety ought to propel him to heights that Vanilla Ice never dreamed and about which Paul Wall could only fantasize. If fellow nineties babies like Chief Keef and Bobby Shmurda can establish a name for themselves, why can’t this white Ohioan? The gangsta rap genre has been glutted by bonafide, certified, and qualified killers.


The way that Slim Jesus can assert his dominance within the genre is to continue with the gun play and the tough talk. Most of the keyboard killers and mousepad mobsters of the Internet Age can relate to the conflated statements and the braggadocio. The menacing beat which Slim Jesus ripped from an undisclosed producer only solidifies his stance as an alleged ruthless gunner. His ability to look as hard as he can and to smoke weed with his Black buddies furthers his role as a white wannabe murderer. His speech is riddled with slang and mini stories which portray him as a raconteur of sorts. He dismisses keenly any sense of inauthenticity.


His answers stand as testaments to his charisma and overall likability. He comes off as a cool headed little spitter who is just happy for reaching this time in his life without ever having the silver bracelets of the law wrapped around his wrists.

The usage of the word Nigger ought to be rolling off of the tip of Slim Jesus’ tongue. The white man invented the term Nigger and ought to have the discretion of using it anytime he likes. Blacks must recognize that the word has done damage to their already sluggardly advance. This is where Slim Jesus errs. His position ought to be one of a rogue agent totally out there and space aged. He ought to get loose forming clothes and model on the runway alongside Kanye West. He ought to be on the front lines for any white lives matter protests and pick up the baton left by Bubba Sparxxx. White men hate it when young white folks pick up on the slang of the Negro culture. This is to remind them that they are of breeding that can trace their family to a country or countries and that African Americans must only look to an entire continent to trace their lineage. This reminder to the young white population represents when 50 Cent ushered in a new level of rap, posturing, and raw bravado being part of his schtick. With the arrival of Slim Jesus, the place may be set for a new world order of rappers exiting the gangsta wannabe closet.


They may reveal their innermost secrets and the world will know their true colors. For as all long as rap has remained a force for generating dollars, Malibu's Most Wanted (2003) style rappers (both Black and white) have emerged and taken over the landscape of hip hop. Though emo-rap remains a driving influence to many up and coming rap upstarts, their day may be ending with the coming of the rap lord that is Slim Jesus. Praised be to the name of a rapper who took the eponym which is revered for Christianity’s central figure. He should be out there enjoying the realms of Twitter and YouTube . His business mind ought to take him to places that surpass past rappers who failed to fully understand the concept of a contract.


Slim Jesus is poised to bring to the masses the stories of a young white man making his way through a genre that has disclaimed posers. But the difference here is that Slim Jesus illustrates what it means to be upfront and honest about the situation. He readily knocks down any notion that he may be a real life threat. His legion of supporters have lifted him up to the status of a viral king. His warning before his video announces to all that he is not quite about that life. The Hamilton knight bears the cross of all rappers, whether they be white, female, red, brown, yellow or Black. His work ethic ought to provide a way for him to lay down tracks, shoot videos, sit for interviews, and look forward to a career replete with the fruits of that labor. His convincing demeanor and basic wordplay combine for a display of unvarnished emotion and rough delivery. What Slim Jesus lacks in conscious bearing lyrics he makes up for with a storehouse of witty couplets.

Opportunity to Jump

His jocular timing with harsh lyricism points to the fact that he's wrestling with the facts of reality and the fantasies that for which rap fans yearn. The proud to be ignorant genre that his hip hop has time for the nonsense. Slim Jesus taps into this sentiment. What he discerns from the genre is his understanding of how the rap game thrives off of the bottom feeders in his quest for the top. His respect for the drill music of Chicago, Illinois bodes well with most (but not all) rappers from that town. As he knows of the past mob members which called Hamilton, Ohio a second home to their gangster dealings in Chicago. By being a pioneer in his city, Slim Jesus has the opportunity to jump on anyone's track and hold down his hometown.

For his Namesake

The simplistic beats and straightforward lyricism recalls the beginnings of trap music with Gucci mane and of course the drill scene with Brandon "Lil' Bibby" Dickinson and Durk B."Lil' Durk"Banks. He has taken up the guard and allowed himself to be exposed to the critics and the naysayers who say that he ought not rap about a life that he does not lead. While the overnight celebrity moniker lasts but for a short time, he ought to look forward to the outpouring of approval from the genre. He remains a refreshing ray of light in a sea of filtered, pampered, and rehearsed rappers. Slim Jesus comes off as an honest player in a cesspool of liars. For his namesake, he may get the brunt of criticism from the faith based community. What he ought to realize is that the hip hop world is full of so-called Christians who mix the messages of the most high to the lowest ramblings of rejected street poets. Or maybe he might teach the wayward and the wanting and provide respite for those seeking knowledge. With his youthful ambition he may offer the hip hop genre a value and enrich the game. He might just enjoy the success and wealth that part of his name shunned.


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