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Sit Down Hip Hop!

Updated on June 6, 2016

Another Hip Hop star and or artist down plays the remake of ‘Roots’. I stress Hip Hop artists and or star whatever you want to call them because their lyrics alone proves that this remake was a necessity. I don’t appreciate your lyrics rap stars. I don’t appreciate your kind of music that SLAMS who I am as a female. A mother, a daughter, a sister. What have you actually proclaimed to be more than who you are as a hip hop artist? You represent a calm before the storm. Your lyrics are anything but just. You are only creating another issue. Why can’t we see a remake of ‘Roots’? A story that was told so many years ago when I was a child but my children can’t see it told in a different time and style? If you want to create stories that enlightens us than why don’t you tell it. The world of Hip Hop has so much time on their hands including resources and money why don’t you tell those stories you mentioned such as the Black man who helped pioneer open-heart surgery? Oh wait maybe because Mr. Jackson Jr. knows that it wouldn’t make any money. Maybe Mr. Jackson Jr. knows that blacks wouldn’t spend their time and or money to go see it. How many blacks saw ‘Race’ the story about Jesse Owens winning 4 Gold Medals during a time that the Olympics was held in Germany when Hitler reigned? Where were Mr. Jackson Jr. and Snoop Dog articles and Instagram posts to ENLIGHTEN us with your words of encouragement to go and check this film out? A film about a man doing something so positive that it made history. He broke world records. What about the Will Smith movie portraying Dr. Bennet Omalu a doctor who discovered CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy)? Where were your Instagram posts and videos highlighting this story and or film? To encourage your followers to be educated on something other than rap lyrics. Admiration they have for you and your influence will never hold a candle to learning about how a slave changed the way generations would perceive the world. What stories in this generation will be told? Trayvon’s? Or what about Jordan Davis? Or Mike Brown or Sandra Bland? Are those the stories you see being told? Those names represent the stories of US. The stories of today. In real people time. Not your far and away off in smoke a blunt a day and chillin off in my music studio. Remembering who you are. Remembering where you came from is not a negative point in our lives but a WAKE UP CALL!

Let’s Be Honest Black People

We haven’t embraced our true identity as being Blacks because we are followers of the superiors of this country and we follow and obey like good house negroes. If we learned anything about who we are as a people we wouldn’t be so angry when our reality is thrown up in our face. We wouldn’t be in chains mentally and creating more chains for us physically. We wouldn’t be killing one another and seeing a gang as a symbol for family other than our own mother and fathers. Not to mention if this story was never told then Ice Cube references of Kunta Kinte as well as Kunta’s slave name would have never been referenced in his controversial diss track No Vaseline or in Ice Cube’s reference in his self-scripted movie Friday. Even if they are just names referenced in scripted lines or Hip Hop lyrics it’s a name that Ice Cube recognized as to mean something. No?

Agree to disagree…I’m still like Negro Please! Roots is not to watch us be beaten and raped but to see how we rise from that which is a part of US and you can never live long enough to deny that. We rose from that but are still faced with it today. So therefore proof is in the pudding that we have not risen too far or too much whereas blacks are still self-hating and loathing of one another. If there are some that have the right to be proud racists, then stop denying those who want to be proud of where we came from. Against those beliefs and beatings and lynching we are here! There is so much we could be-together.

I just have to ask the question to these Hip Hop artists aren’t you upset that the history books are being changed to say that slavery was a good thing? That it was a workforce program for our ancestors. In meaning the true history of US is not being told to the generations proceeding us. The problem with the present generations of today and future is that you’re ok that we are being treated indifferently by the White Nationalists and their followers of this nation. They won’t apologize for the psychological damages it has created for US and this country. Still seeing us less than positive creators, movers and shakers with more to give. We are still ‘Ignorant Blacks’ in their eyes. They don’t care because we haven’t stopped to say that we care. We haven’t stopped accepting their biases and prejudices. Their unjust systems that corrodes US and the world. Spreading like a virus-the cancer that will destroy us all is our hate. The slap in the face truth. American Indians are getting paid for the ill treatment they endured but we have been in this country and still have received NOTHING. We are still the lowest and the most disrespected race by all others because we have accepted what we go through. There is no pity party here. It’s a reality that our feet can walk the same path and yet we will be criticized and discriminated against because of who we are. America has never been great for us. On the other hand, I am not a rap artist, an athlete or entertainer that these music producer moguls can take advantage of. I am on the ground where everything unfolds and reality bites down hard in real time. I’m still being put in a pool and judged by that box that says what race are you? Because if we have truly overcome we wouldn’t need to be judged by our race, gender and or age. Let that be our defining moment in this world. If we are more than being in chains SHOW ME! We are the only race of people that will pull one another down to get up. We are the only race that dogs each other in the media for society to see the ignorance and know they shouldn’t think highly of us if we can’t even do the same. I say learn from our history and watch how unbroken we were. Let’s not come together every time a black man loses his life to the police or to a stalker or fool wanting to be a hero. Let’s raise our voices, ourselves up by supporting black owned businesses. By supporting us being more than a box to check off on an application. We shouldn’t be angry every day but we should be disappointed.



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