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Hollyoaks Will Jenny be Silas Blissetts next Victim?

Updated on April 21, 2011

Brendan has recently ripped Jenny off to the tune of £20,000 and Jenny is determined to get her share. Jenny teams up with Warren to get the cash back but when Jenny pays Brendan a little visit, things turn nasty and both Jenny and Doug's lives are threatened.

Con Artist Jenny is more desperate than ever to get her hands on some cash and comes up with the idea of chatting up rich old men online. Later Jenny surprises Doug when she reveals her plan to meet up with one of the rich old men that she has been chatting up, drug his drink and then steal his wallet and cards.

Later Jenny meets up with her sugar daddy for a picnic in the woods but it turns out to be none other than scary Silas Blissett. When Jenny believes Silas is not looking she spikes his drink. But unfortunately for Jenny, Silas has seen what she has just done and realises that Jenny is nothing more than a gold digging tart, so playing her at her own game sneaky Silas switches the drinks. Meanwhile Jenny is rummaging through Silas's bag in search for his wallet but is left terrified when instead of his cash she discovers a pair of leather gloves, a knife and some rope.

Jenny tries to remain calm and pretends to enjoy the picnic with creepy Silas but he is onto her and when Silas turns nasty, Jenny runs for her life. Once Jenny is deep in the woods she begins to feel woozy and realises that Silas has swapped their drinks. And with Silas quickly catching up with her, will Jenny make it out the woods alive? or will her ring become the latest item in Silas's collection?

Meanwhile Jenny's ex boyfriend Doug visits Brendan and starts to panic when he cant get hold of Jenny, will he manage to find her in time and save her from Silas's evil clutches??

Also in Hollyoaks we will be seeing a familiar face when Arinze Kene who played Connor Stanley in Eastenders will be playing newcomer Rocco. Warren introduces Riley Costello to Rocco and it is not long before Riley is getting pulled into the world of gambling.

Typically Riley has a big winning streak to start with but when the steaks are raised he quickly finds himself loosing and owing a lot of money to bad boy Rocco. Warren warns Riley that he doesn't want to mess with the likes of Rocco but the warning comes to late when Rocco threatens the life of Riley's fiancee Mercedes McQueen if he doesn't get his money.


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