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The Darkest Hollywood Secrets Ever Exposed

Updated on November 23, 2011

Warning! If you suspect that you have Multiple Personality Disorder (aka Dissociateive Identitiy Disorder), don't read this hub. You need to find someone who is trustworthy and understand your condition to read it for you and start healing.

Last year I read the book, The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave, by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier. The content is super dark and mind blowing. It is beyond any normal person's wildest erotic, dark fantasy, but it totally makes sense how it can happen in real life. I believe what the book talks about is real.

This week, I have been researching more about Illuminati (a group of global elites that has plenty of evidence and whistleblower to testify against their dark deeds, which includes the New World Order---a world domination scheme that has been going on for centuries)

Reading the book made me feel enlightened enough about some of the real mess that has been going on in the world, but the recent research leads me to something that has always been in plain sight---Hollywood! How could I read the book and miss all the obvious clues that indicate the real mess that is going on right before my eyes?!

The occult symbols, hand signs, strange script, strange clothing, and all that we see in movies and TV shows... they all make so much sense now.

The fact that many celebrities mysteriously disappeared or died, the fact that most of them turn to destructive path such as drugs, alcoholism, suicide, and "mental breakdown"... they all make sense now.

Many celebrities are in fact mind controlled slaves! Don't laugh just yet. I know a normal person would laugh when reading the line I just typed.

Illuminati slave is created to be human multiple (a person with Multiple Personality Disorder, aka Dissociative Identity Disorder) by inflicting sexual abused, tortures, mind altering drugs, hypnotism, and advanced technologies that reinforces the above to very young children, systematically throughout their life.

If you are tipped off by the book or other people in the know, you will quickly learn to recognize the signs too.

Here are some of the names you need to google if you want to know the truth:

Fritz Artz Springmeier (researcher, self-taught deprogrammer, and whistleblower)

Cisco Wheeler (Slave survivor)

Brice Taylor (Slave Survivor)

Cathy O'brien (Slave Survivor)

There are many more, including former cult members who know the hierarchies and many secrets. Many slaves were silenced, or threatened when they want to expose the secrets and come out to the public.

Some celebrities got out of line and they got killed not long after, including Michael Jackson. There are more and more people who are starting to see the truth now.

What is Illuminati? They are a secret society of elites who are very serious about eliminating the nationalities, and create a global government. This is what the New World Order is about. They create MPD slaves through trauma based brainwash and programming, and place them in strategic positions world wide, playing different roles, inflitrating the societies in many levels.

These people do everything the Old Testament Bible tells them not to do! Now it all makes sense to me why God says no to pedophiles, beastiality, incest, sodomy, witchcraft, demon worship, and all that. These are the ingredients to take away children' freewill to choose morally and turn them into mind controlled slaves.

If you doubt whether it is real, you have the disclassified CIA government of the project MK-Ultra. Ex president Clinton apologized to the public for the project, but the truth is the project has never stopped. It has in fact become more extensive. The funding for CIA is unlimited and they are basically above the laws.

Let's watch the follow video from someone who read the book Illuminati Formula... and became very proficient at recognizing the pattern of mind control.

Warning! If you suspect that you have MPD (DID), don't watch it. For other people, you may want to keep the music low because the music is quite dark too.

Illuminati Mk Deception in Hollywood

The Evil Network Doesn't End here

The reason why there are so many occult symbols and signs in Hollywood is not just for bragging, or for us to recognize it (of course they don't want us to know), but it's to reinforce the programming of other slaves who have inflitrated the public.

God knows how many people are mind controlled slaves (The Illuminati Formula... estimated there are 2 millions mind controlled slave in the U.S. alone), but we must learn about this so we can help them. The evil behind this scheme is very spiritual. They are not atheists. They are occultists. Mind control slavery is the centerpiece of witchcraft. It is occult science. Once it is fully exposed to you after you read the book, the testimonies, and research from other whistleblowers, everything will make sense to you.

What to do next once you learn these thigns and become enlightened?

No weapons and strategies on earth can overcome them. What we need is spiritual power.

If you are a spiritual person who want to end this, it's time to pray. Prayer is one of the secret they don't want us to know. They don't want us to know that each of us is capable of great spiritual impact. They are not afraid of violence, but they actually love to promote it. Violence and revenge only play into their game! What they are truly afraid of is truth! If we all know the truth, and the truth about ourselves as God's creation, they will lose.

They Killed Michael Jackson

Don't just watch the truth about MJ's death, but also watch the first video, as it leads to a series of explosive videos that tell you the extend of the corruption and slavery that have been going on before our very eyes for many decades.


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    • misty95 profile image


      5 years ago from uk

      No there is no hiding from the omnipresence.

      My teaching might help the link line.


      seven layers of illusions cracked.


    • profile image

      Gabriel G 

      6 years ago

      No matter what they do,there is no hiding place from the father of creation(GOD).

    • profile image

      chelsea titus 

      6 years ago

      i think that we should keep praying and do whatever it takes to get rid of this sick dempn obsessed critics and celebrities.. they all need mental help as far as im concerned because what person in their right minds would want to serve the devil? he promises them the world and they believe it i just think they blinded by him and they did have to give in but they will find out the hard way.. god bless those who cares!! and try and help the rest and prove to them that you really do exist!! love the lord!!

    • SaiKit profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Toronto

      Great comment! Thank God someone who is likeminded commented here finally. When I check the mailbox and see a comment, I thought it might be skeptical ones.

      I believe prayers can sobatage their evils deeds quickly, no matter how long they have planned, but most Christians let them have it due to self-imposed ignorance.

      My hope is that God will give us a major, global revival one last time before the Rapture, and we will again have the biblical churches instead of the institutional churches.

    • PlanksandNails profile image


      7 years ago from among the called out ones of the ekklesia of Christ

      Hello Saikit,

      As you look more in depth into the illuminati, the rabbit hole will go deeper and deeper. The manifestation is right in front of us, but spiritual revelation is needed to discern it. The roots and history go back a long ways and it is time to warn our brothers and sisters of this real deception.

      You are right, prayer is the ultimate weapon, and through our humility towards God in prayer, principalities will be destroyed.

      God bless!


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