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Hollywood is notorious for White Washing films.

Updated on October 17, 2014

There's no need to White Wash films in this day and age.

White Washing needs to stop in films.

Come on now, no really come on.

This day and age, there is no longer the need to White Wash films.

Long story short if you don't know the term, then to make is simple, it is totally changing the race of characters from multi-cultural to white and most of the time, it is because people just dish out the billions of dollars and they can do what they are wrong.

I am so disgusted that they have to do it in this day and age.

Yes of course when your doing a fan film and doing it because you love the character your showing love for a character that is out of respect.

But what they have done for years and yes in history we have been at war with countries and we made fun of our enemies at the time and yes I get that.

I will for one, will never ever watch Breakfast at Tiffany's and you want to know a couple of reasons why?

Well Mickey Rooney was a good actor and yes the time the film was made we were at war with other countries and so they made Mickey Rooney's character in a very racist way. They gave him horrible looking glasses and buck teeth.

Now I had never seen the film and everyone raves about how wonderful the film is because of the actors that are in ok, and yes I can give you that.

BUT, watch Dragon the Bruce Lee story and watch as Jason Scott Lee who portray's Bruce Lee is sitting with his girlfriend Linda Lee in a movie theatre and watch Jason's reaction when that scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's comes on in front of him on the big screen.

At that time of filming, he wasn't acting at that part he was actually showing how he really felt about the character Mickey Rooney was playing and it wasn't funny at all.

This is has been done with countless of films and yes I go on and on and list many.

Yet people can come back at me with saying it is just acting.

Unless you of that race or working in films and the entertainment business you will never know how it is to be treated where you could be great for a part because you are indeed Asian but they are going to white wash the character and make the character white?

One example that I just saw this morning was that Scarlett Johansson was offered a role for 10 million dollars for an Anime Cartoon to be brought to life and the character is Japanese and the character's name is Motoko Kusanagi.

Yes being sarcastic, I had no idea that Scarlett Johansson was Japanese.

Yes, yes of course people are of course going to come back and say, I am a hater and jealous and blah, blah this and that because how much they love the actress.

It has nothing to do with any actress, the point of what I am writing; in this day and age there is no need to white wash a character when there is a whole talent of diverse artists out there in the world.

Also in this day and age even women from different backgrounds are taking up martial arts and doing their own stunts so there is more of a diverse range of people out there that could fill the parts quite nicely without whitewashing films.

But of course once again, as I repeat myself, of course, yes, yes of course, people who have the million of dollars are going to say, since I got the money, yes ok whomever is going to bring in the most money for a character that is all that matters.

So who am I to say, as long as people are bringing back their bucks with more money after they invest in a film and they get some money out of it, right?

I don't care, it is so messed up that they have to do that in this day and age.

But who can really stop them, because i think I repeated myself and this is third time, as long as people get the big bucks and get money back that is all that matters.

Well I don't know, with the live action Airbender, look up comments on you tube about children who even stated themselves that Aang was not Asian. Now if children are saying this, what is that telling you?

I mean if a beloved cartoon on Nickelodeon that had such a following and when in the movie theatre children were really disappointed, what is that telling us adults?

Of course the creators of Airbender admitted it was a mistake to sign over their creative rights and have it not exactly how they wanted it. Once again when money is part of what makes the world go around then we know that people can go about white washing anything.

From what I was looking up about Airbender it did seem like it didn't go over too well with audience members in the movie theatre.

I guess people can buy anything they want as long as they have the money, because they have the control.

I think though more and more people are slowly starting to wake up and are seriously sick and tired of white washing.

I am seeing slowly more changes in films that are done beautifully when casted right.

I know one thing is for sure, when I see a film and the character is meant to show a character whether the character is suppose to be Japanese or Chinese or another race and they keep it that way, they sure have won me over for life.

More than likely when people win me over with their work of art in films, they can rest assure I will probably follow their work and continue to love their art brought to life on the big screen

That is for sure.


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