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Hollywood, stop changing the "value" on what an older woman is.

Updated on November 15, 2014

We are more than just a naked body.

Older doesn't we are just sexual animals.

ENOUGH. No really enough.

Yes granted all women are sexy in their own way but in the past decade or so, what Hollywood has pushed upon us is that an "older" women, since she has way more experience with "sex", she is considered a "cougar" and on the prowl or even the term Milf's.

No seriously, enough is enough.

As an older woman myself, we are not on the "prowl" and we aren't hunting down younger men to bed with.

If anything let's put the cards on the table here.

In growing with experience, being with any man, we want to know any man whether he is younger, older or around the same age what makes him tick.

We want to sit and talk and get to know you.

Yes sex can be great and older women can know things, but knowing that we just want to know more about a man and what is in his heart and mind.

I have watched the films, and seen American Pie and a quite a few others.

Maybe there are some older women out there on the prowl, but all the women I know are making a way to their own success.

Actually the women that I do know are around men that are way more capable then being someone's sex toy, but being the women's "equal".

When people say to take it as a compliment that younger men are interested in you and want to have sex with you, it means that you could have sex with a man every night.

Now I can not condemn women that sleep around, basically it is none of my business at all.

I can not dictate what other women do, because that is not right.

But showing other sides to an older, there is way more to an older woman than her just being this great sexual goddess in the bedroom.

We like to think and we like to talk and well maybe that makes men feel uncomfortable.

Actually an older women is quite knowledge about every part of a man and it isn't quantity, but "quality".

Ok, so some older woman are going to take advantage of what Hollywood shows about an older woman in the past decade or so.

But what happen to having a little bit of class?

Granted I got to admit from time to time I have been known to swear like a truck driver and maybe that isn't classy, but any children in front of me or going to a restaurant or in a store I'm not going to swear like a driver, cause I mean come on I got to have some class right?

But yeah we may know things in life and I guess guys want us to show them things, but reality is, some of us older women don't want to be put on a pedestal where we are this sexual goddess, a fantasy. We are a woman, not an animal.

I could use sex to get a lot of attention, but what good am I really doing myself?

Everyone says that women have this "power" and yeah well, I don't want to rule over men with this type of power.

Women are not animals and neither are men.

Yes, in my life I am studying the human body. It is going beyond being "naked" but have signed up to study and get certified as a fitness trainer.

So I been looking at bodies and muscles and looking to see how they work and how they are formed.

There is so many terms that I am learning and trying to learn these terms about the human body and what is inside of us is really amazing.

The human body is indeed more than just naked skin.

I am very fascinated with what is underneath our skin.

I want to truly know how the human body works.

So in signing up and paying to become a certified fitness trainer has gotten me more into looking as how the human body works.

It's amazing how our living tissue is contacted to gather and how it moves.

Our muscles that have fiber, when working out breaks down and we rest our body so that our muscles become stronger and grows.

I am have been interested in the human body for a very long time now.

I always been around gyms and fitness centers since I was younger but not I am really gotten deeper into wanting to research underneath the skin and the muscles.

There is so much to us and what we are about that it could take our whole lives or the fact I don't think we really will know about our human bodies what we truly are about in our own lifetime.

There are so many definitions and so many functions of each inch of our bodies are and what what they do.

You could sit and talk about functions and pull up so many diagrams on each muscle, veins, and all the stuff that is our body, like stomach lining and how the heart beats and just go on and on.

We really are very fascination beyond body odor, bad breathe and stinky feet and stinky body odor.

Our bodies can heal ourselves overtime with some injuries that happen to us and we can bounce back.

So yes, I may have gotten way off of point with what the title of what I am writing and the topic, but I hope anyone that reads what I wrote, understand that we are much more than some animals that want to sit and just have sex all day long.

I think in being a real human being we really want to expand our minds more so that in return helps our hearts to grow with beautiful feelings to help us become better individuals.

Being a woman is great but growing and learning as an older woman is even better when we aren't just thought of a cougar that is on the prowl looking for her next victim to sex up for just pleasure but more to honor anyone who is her presence.


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