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Hollywood's Rumored Engaged Couple

Updated on May 14, 2008

Did I Miss Something?

I must have been sleeping under a rock for the pass 7 months or so; I accidentally came across this news yesterday. I hadn't even heard she was dating anyone. The gay thing is no surprise--already knew that. But, the engaged part knocked me over.

Queen Latifah long time personal trainer Jeannette Jenkins, and partner are susposely now engaged. According to the couple is officially engaged.

Some of you may remember Ms. Jenkins from the reality show "Fear Factor", who was one of the shows winners.

From what I have gathered, and researched the rumor of the couple being engaged dates as far back as Novemeber, 2007.

Ms. Jenkins

She is a cutie, from what I understand the proud couple are to make their annoucement some time soon. According to the Village Voice, they have been encouraged to come out. Sources say they have been a couple for four years. Ms. Jenkins is known for being a trainer to the stars, and a native of Chicago.

I am not one to really follow celebrity gossip, or to write about it, but this one got my attention.

Anyone have any updated info share a comment.

Poetry Man

Points of Interest

  • Born Dana Owens, Newark, NJ
  • Birthday March 18, 1970
  • Most memorable film "Set It Off"
  • Latifah means "delicate & sensitive"
  • Acquired the name Queen Latifah in college
  • Her cousin gave her the name
  • Flavor Unit Entertainment-Her management co.
  • Flavor discovered Naughty by Nature
  • Trav'lin Light: Best Album of 2007
  • "Mad Money" another great film with Diane Keaton
  • First Single 1988-"Wrath of My Madness"
  • 1989 "All Hail the Queen" full-length debut released
  • Starred in The Wiz in High School

She's A Beauty

The New Face of Jenny Craig

Move over Kristie Alley, and Barbara-The Queen is spreading her wings for Jenny Craig, not to mention the national attention she has gained for being the face of cover girl.

Jenny Craigs advertising campaign seems to be coming from a different angle with Queen Latifah. I haven't heard one mention during her commercials how much weight loss she has achieved. What I have heard is "I am a size healthier" or "do you know your size"? With Kristie Alley and Barbara it was all about the pounds. Barbara was proud to mention her losing 40 lbs. the weight loss didn't bother them to say.

And of course Kristie was telling her wight loss every five minutes, what was it 85 lbs.

I particularly like the focus on being healthier instead focusing on the weight loss. Queen Latifah angle for Jenny Craig is the benefits of eating healthier.

The other two spokespersons were campaiging their looks.

The benefit of having more enerrgy is a plus, and attractive to individuals striving to lose weight.


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