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Horrible Bosses, LOL

Updated on May 3, 2012
Horrible Bosses (2011)
Horrible Bosses (2011)

When Horrible Bosses first came out in the summer of 2011 I was actually pretty uninterested in the film. The trailer’s didn’t hook me, and the story seemed kind of ridiculous. Fortunately the movie premiered on HBO not too long ago, so I got to order it on demand and it was pretty damn hilarious. The story gets a little crazy and unrealistic, but you kind of expect it when you see Colin Farrell as a balding coke-fiend.

1. Modern Three Stooges... is exactly what these guys are. Immediately we figure out that Nick (Jason Bateman) is probably the most relatable character usually the voice of reason - the Larry of the bunch. Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) would probably be considered Moe; the leader of the fail-trio as he pushes for the murdering plot the most, but gets distracted by his sexual urges more often than not. And finally we have Curly, or should I say Dale (Charlie Day) the biggest fail of the group with his voice even going to high-pitched squeals.

2. Jamie Foxx... is absolutely hilarious and deserves his own number. Although the film pretty much says, “Black people are criminals...” and doesn’t do much to anything positive about African-Americans - “Motherfucker” Jones (Foxx) is the most hilarious 10minutes. His character is a smooth-talking murder-advisor, and is missed once he isn’t seen anymore.

3. The Bosses... might even be funnier than the ‘stooges’. The main plot of this film is that these stooges absolutely *hate* their bosses, and for good reasons (actually). Dale works as a dental assistant for the absolutely crazy Dr. Julia Harris (Jennifer Anniston) and unfortunately it’s the only job he can get after he is unluckily labeled as a sex offender. At first it just feels like she’s coming on strong, and Dale’s friends show little sympathy to his dilemma. But Anniston is pretty good at crazy, and manages to pull off crazy sex vixen. Of course Kevin Spacey would be great at playing the psychotic asshole that is Dave Harken. You really want to hate him, and he is probably the most vile of the three bosses. Although it wasn’t hard to see how crazy Harken already is, we really have no idea; as the movie progresses so does Harken’s psycho. I really do love Spacey, but even his insanity is overdone. Finally, we have Colin Farrell who is (somewhat surprisingly) just so ridiculous as a character, but so goddamn funny. It was unexpected how well all his jokes landed even in all their insensitivity.

Overall Horrible Bosses balanced the dark and the comedy pretty well, except when it came to the darker tones. The close the film got to actual death the more unrealistic it felt. Kevin Spacey’s character was seriously bugging out of his ass, and the movie just could not feed me this shit without me raising an eyebrow. As long as you know when you jump ship story-wise you can definitely enjoy the joyride overall. So if you’re looking for rated-R fun you got it in Horrible Bosses - have fun with it and don’t take it seriously.


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    • Helena Ricketts profile image

      Helena Ricketts 

      6 years ago from Indiana

      I saw this movie and thought it was pretty good as well. It delivered plenty of laughs and Jennifer Anniston's character was a riot. I would have never imagined her playing that kind of character!

      I agree, a good movie for anyone looking for a movie night at home.


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