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Horrible Bosses Movie Review

Updated on October 25, 2012

Who should watch it

Horrible Bosses is a welcome movie for each one of us who hates their boss(which comprises a vast majority) and can do nothing about it. Atleast it gives a temporary satisfaction that in some surreal world, justice is bestowed to the helpless one. But frankly the world is not that fair and we are going to continue to live in the dark world where the evil triumphs. Does it provide us with any groundbreaking ways to get rid of our boss? Nope. Or some way to make ourselves feel better about our situation? Nope. But it does give hundred minutes of healthy entertainment. Good star cast that don't let you down, good dialogue delivery by the leads and a satisfaction of getting rid of a tyrannical boss(Atleast hypothetically) make this movie worth a watch. Especially for guys.


Three friends, their three bosses and their murder consultant are all the people that matter really. Colin Farrell makes his off beat appearance as a coked up immature and selfish boss of Jason Sudeikis (Kurt) who wants to squeeze out all possible money from his noble father's well established company and has particular hatred towards Kurt because of the favoritism given to him by his late father.Often times we can sense a resemblance to Tom Cruise's role in Tropic Thunder due to his baldness but he comes nowhere near it.

Like a brilliant actor that he is, Kevin Spacey(Dave Harken) plays the typically insensitive, mean, horrifying boss of Jason Bateman(Nick) who plays nothing but a nice guy trying to make a mark in his career.Thankfully he doesn't overdo the role.

What is left is an unprecedented role by Jennifer Aniston as a sexy man eater who is very hard to please(All pun intended). She is shown to have an insatiable appetite for sex and boy oh boy, most of us wont have a penny worth of complain from her except if you are direly in love with someone which is exactly the case with our third protagonist, Charlie Day(Dale).

Tired of their everyday struggle with facing their horrible bosses, they are taken to the brink where they finally decide to do what each one of us dreams of everyday: to kill their bosses. But like any other movie, a twist comes that is not part of their "PLANS" and what remains is the irony of a fortunate event turning unfortunate for them. Frankly very little remains that cannot be guessed after a point in the movie but that doesn't at all mean that it drags, infact, spare ten minutes or so, the movie does fulfill all expectations of a pop corn flick. Oops. One more thing, Jamie Foxx whose name in the movie is R rated like the movie itself plays a nice short cameo role as their murder consultant and teaches us a lesson at the end that we ought to remember.

All that remains

Seth Gordon has put a good effort at comic timing. However, though the movie is with a new subject, it is quite cliched and has typical spice of all comedy movies, some mess ups, some drugs, some obscene behavior by some bad bad girl. Though an extra credit must be given for Jennifer Aniston's role which is a hundred times more satisfactory and sexy as it is played by THE Jennifer Aniston instead of some typical Hollywood newcomer who doesn't mind going nude for that matter if the need be. Jason Sudeikis does good, but well, could Bradley Cooper or Ashton Kutcher have played it better? Just saying.

All said and done, sorry for redundancy, but just one last time: Jennifer Aniston's part are what guys will remember at the end of the movie.


If you are in mood of watching Inception, Raging Bull or for that matter Vicky Cristina Barcelona like movie, go see them. This movie is a pop corn flick seen on a Saturday when you are at least a day away from seeing your boss again. If you hate him that much I mean. It is a movie made by a dude, for dudes though none of the characters are that dude. No rocket science in it and no lessons, just a happy ending to our otherwise sorry lives.

What to look out for:

Jenny(Sorry this was the last mention)

Kevin Spacey(In the first half)

Uhm... thats it.

Horrible Bosses Movie Trailer


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