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Horror 102

Updated on October 25, 2017

Welcome to Horror 102. Let's test your knowledge.

Best Horror Movies

Guess the Villains & Horror Movie Worlds

{Answers at the end of this article}

Part 1- Can you guess the villain?-

1) You are a sneaky guy, creeping up on your victims in their sleep and killing them. As serious as you are about making sure the children get what they deserve, you always manage to keep a fine sense of humor. You bask in a peaceful slumber while your soul is still rooted in the underworld...just dreaming of that one little idiot who will resurrect you so that you can once again wreck havoc and seek revenge on the ones that killed you in the life before. Believe me, dreams really do come true.

2) You are not an ordinary killer. You are someone who ultimately does what you do for the better of humanity. Yes...torture is definitely the best way to show your victims that they should appreciate their lives. Yes. They will definitely want to live once they find themselves about to die a gruesome and painful death.

3) are just down right cruel. You and your psycho family.

4) You once found yourself saying, “Dying is such a *****.” Don’t worry, you know you’ll always come back.

5) You were such a nice and well-mannered person. Always knowing what to say to that special someone... great etiquette, and very clean. And even as a teenager, you never once chewed your people with your mouth open.

Part 2- Can you guess what horror movie world?-

1) Even though it’s not your fault, the government unleashed something that you have no choice but to take responsibility for. If you want to maintain any good living, you better take out any and everyone of those bastards that invade your space by attempting to bite you without your permission. No home training I tell ya. Don't forget to look sexy.

2) If you find yourself home alone and you hear footsteps and you know that you weren’t expecting company, you're probably about to be a victim. Just remember, by no means should you trip and fall ...and oh yeah...try avoiding the urge to ask “Is someone there?”....Yes...yes there is. There always is.

3) Demons...witchcraft..sorcery..and don’t forget about that vamp coming too close to biting your neck and turning you. Well these are the types of things that go on everyday in your world. Lucky for you that you graciously abandoned your dreams to undertake such a burden. Now go out there and get to slaying those creatures and be somebody! The world is counting on you.

4) The faster you run...the slower he walks.... but he always seems to catch you.

5) Picture this...the great outdoors, road trip, great friends, fun and...whatever you do, if you find yourself lost in a town where the only reliable law enforcement is an old, scruffy man, with missing teeth and a thick country accent...get the hell out of there!

6) No wonder no one can hear you screaming. You’re already dead.

7) You would think that some of these thrillers are promoting abstinence. All the people who are engaged in any sexual activity seem to get killed.

8) Ok. Don’t panic. Those ghosts might be trying to tell you something. Something that could change the world. And you can’t bare to leave that house just because a few undead souls lived there before. Don’t kid yourself. Get the hell out of there before your head spins and you vomit spinach soup.

"Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway"



Part 1:

1) Freddy Krueger

2) Jigsaw

3) Leatherface

4) Chucky

5) Hannibal Lecter

Part 2:

1) "Resident Evil"

2) "Scream" & Other Psycho-Thriller/Slasher Worlds

3) Dark Fantasy

4) Halloween & Friday the 13th

5) Texas Chainsaw Massacre

6) Paranormal ("The Others", "The Sixth Sense")

7) Most Slashers

8) All Paranormal ("The Exorcist", etc)

© 2011 Latasha Woods


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    • Latasha Woods profile image

      Latasha Woods 7 years ago from USA

      Thanks Cherrycrime26. It's always great to meet fellow fans of the Horror genre. Much appreciated!!

    • cherrycrime26 profile image

      January Moon 7 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga

      Great hub, Im a big Horror fan!


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