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Horror movies in the present day

Updated on January 15, 2013

Some people love horror movies. There is so much suspense but lately even horror movie fans have been saying that they have gone too far.

2003 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre left people having nightmares. Some people claimed that it was really disgusting. Then in 2004 came Wrong Turn. It seems that as time goes on the more gross it gets.

There are people who miss the old horror movies from the 80's. Those movies kept them in suspsense without having to sit there and watch all the gore. Plus there is already violence on the news. Movies are supposed to entertain us and watching people get hurt is not a form of entertinament.

What happened to the good old horror movies? They are still around. Will the directors ever lessen up on the gore? Time will tell. The more gory a movie is does not make it more scary. It makes it disgusting leaving some people with the impression to tell others not to see it.

Are horror movies getting better or worse?

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