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Hotel Transylvania 3 Movie Review

Updated on September 18, 2019
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Hotel Transylvania 3 Movie Review

The famous or sometimes infamous legacy of Bram Stoker's Dracula has been a mainstay in popular culture with numerous remakes and renditions of movies based on the book.

Some of those movies have been animated in addition to those movies that are not animated.


  • Hotel Transylvania is a children's animated movie franchise with a story line centering around Dracula.

In the movie, Hotel Transylvania 3

  • In Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie, Dracula is a widower.
  • In Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie, Dracula runs a hotel with the help of his daughter who he has been raising by himself since she was an infant.
  • She is now grown up and married.
  • In Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie, Immortal vampire Dracula has a human son-in-law.
  • Dracula's daughter and her husband also have a child, Dracula's grandson.

A much needed vacation aboard a cruise ship in Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie

In Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie, Dracula's daughter surprises him with a much needed vacation aboard a cruise ship. Her husband and kid join them as well.

The kid and his friend sneak a big oversized and slobbering pet dog on to the ship as well even though no pets are allowed!

There are many funny looking monsters onboard the cruise ship, though.

Monsters in Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie

In Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie, Dracula and his family are considered to be in the same category as "Monsters", even according to the cruise ship captain, Erica (who puts on a big song and dance number to welcome them aboard).

Cruise ship embarkment location:

The Bermuda Triangle!

Dracula - a bit cynical

At first, Dracula was a bit cynical about this cruise ship vacation, not having as much gratitude/ not being quite as appreciative about his daughter's surprise gift as he should have been.

  • This is because Dracula himself runs a hotel for work and he considers the cruise ship to be a hotel on the water. Dracula is not impressed.

Dracula is smitten

That is, until Dracula sets his eyes on the (human) cruise ship captain, Erica and immediately becomes smitten with her.

Zing - Love at first sight in Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie

In Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie, in the "monster" world, that love at first sight feeling is called a "zing".

Hotel Transylvania 3 is a funny children's animated movie.

Hotel Transylvania 3 has many comedic elements.

Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie's depiction of Dracula in love is quite a sight to see.

Dracula's reactions, whenever he runs into Erica, are very funny.

A big crush

In Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie, Dracula has been alone for a very long time but he definitely has a big crush on Erica.

Dracula thought that he would feel that Zing only once in his life but he is feeling it again.

Looks can be deceiving

Nevertheless, looks can be deceiving as everything develops and progresses. Unbenownst to Dracula, the charming Erica actually has a deep seated hatred for him, based on prejudice. She hates "monsters".

A great granddaughter

In Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie, Erica is actually the great granddaughter of an enemy of Dracula's.

  • This enemy sets out to destroy monsters and Erica has been programmed to hate monsters.

Erica's great grandfather

Erica's great grandfather is very old now, once thought to be dead but he survived and had to replace many of his body parts with machinery as he himself describes!

Too much garlic

At first, Erica tries to kill Dracula with things such as too much garlic in his food. (She knows that Dracula the vampire will be sensitive to this.)

It's not easy to kill a vampire.

Before she softens her heart

Erica repeatedly and secretively tries to attack Dracula and hurt him before she actually softens her heart to him.

Dracula's daughter

In the meantime, Dracula's daughter has the 'gut feeling' that she can not trust Erica and believes that Dracula should not trust Erica either.


As it turns out, the cruise ship trip was all a ploy to gather so many monsters all in one place and lure them all to their destruction!

A unlikely hero in Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie

In Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie, Dracula's human son-in-law (who can seem quite goofy at times) becomes an unlikely hero in Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie.

(Even his own child is quite surprised and impressed by his wisdom.)

Dracula's son-in-law, the DJ

He has experience as a DJ and knows just the soothing sounds to calm a huge sea monster that Erica's great grandfather tries to unleash.

Agitating music in Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie

Erica's great grandfather uses agitating music to awaken the huge sea monster and try to cause it to create destruction.

Meanwhile, Dracula's son-in-law knows and uses the tunes to combat the agitating music and soothe the sea monster instead.

He even plays the song, "Don't worry, be happy." For some of the music, Dracula says, "Seriously?!"


— Dracula's reaction to some music his son-in-law plays to soothe the big sea monster in the movie.

Below are a couple of the 'calming' songs that Dracula's son-in-law uses to calm the sea monster.

1. Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin

2. Macarena

In Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie, Erica's great grandfather finally sees the error of his ways

By the movie's end, everyone has been saved. Erica's great grandfather has learned the error of his ways and asks for pardon. How can he make it up to everyone? A partial refund on their cruise ship tickets perhaps? Ha! How about a full refund then?

An apology

Erica's great grandfather's apology to everyone is accepted and there is harmony once more.


By the end of the movie, Hotel Transylvania 3, Erica comes to love Dracula like he loves her. (Zing).

He has saved her life, she has saved his life, and he asks her to marry him, complete with a live spider engagement ring that Erica happily accepts!

Happily ever after?

Soon the movie has ended and the movie credits roll.

It is presumed that Erica and Dracula will live happily ever after (until she dies and he continues his immortality!)

Hotel Transylvania 3 is a cute and fantastical fantasy children's movie.

Don't fret. It's just make believe. (Things always get weird when vampires are involved!)

Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie

4 stars for Hotel Transylvania 3 the movie

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 movie trailer

FilmSelect Trailer - HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 Extended Trailer

Rated PG

Duration: 97 minutes

© 2019 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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