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House of Lies TV Show Review - Meet Marty and His Crazy Ex-wife

Updated on May 2, 2012

House of Lies TV Series

The House of Lies TV series premiered on January the 8th 2012 on Showtime at 10pm. Showtime have a number of successful drama's and comedies such as Brotherhood, Nurse Jackie, Weeds and The United States of Tara, to name a few. House of Lies will fit in perfectly with the usual Showtime audience.

The House of Lies TV show is based on the novel called House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time, by Martin Kihn.

Check out the cast of House of Lies
Check out the cast of House of Lies

House of Lies Cast and Characters

Here's a short description of the House of Lies cast and characters

Marty Kaan (main character and lead consultant) - Don Cheadle (Ocean's Eleven and Ocean's 12)

Jeanie Van Der Hooven (Member of Marty Kaan's consulting team) - Kristen Bell (Heroes and narrator for Gossip Girl)

Clyde Oberhalt (Member of Marty Kaan's consulting team) - Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation)

Doug Guggenheim (Member of Marty Kaan's consulting team) - Josh Lawson (Romantically Challenged)

Monica Talbot (Marty Kaan's exwife and head of the No. 1 Consultancy firm) - Dawn Olivieri (The Vampire Diaries)

Roscoe Kaan (son of Marty Kaan and Monica Talbot) - Donis Leonard Jr. (The Fresh Beat Band)

Jeremiah Kaan (live in father of Marty Kaan) - Glynn Turman (The Wire and Super 8)

Roscoe with his grandad
Roscoe with his grandad

House of Lies Synopsis

Marty Kaan is the lead actor in this satiricial drama. He is played by the comedic actor Don Cheadle. We find out from the start that Marty Kaan has an unusual family set up. His father lives with him and he has a son who also lives with him. Don is divorced from his wife, Monica Talbot and she is a little on the strange side.

The premiere episode of House of Lies opens with Marty Kaan waking up in his bed with an unidentified naked female. We soon discover that this is not some hooker or prostitute but instead is Marty Kaan's biggest mistake of the century. He got so drunk the night before that he slept with his ex-wife. Marty tries to wake his ex-wife and get her out the door before his Father and Son can see her but is unsuccessful. Marty's Father, Jeremiah Kaan, is far from impressed, while Roscoe Kaan seems to be happy to see his mum. Although it is hard to tell when he is wearing what looks to be a girls outfit.

Roscoe seems to be a little confused and is auditioning for the part of Sandy in the school's production of Grease. Roscoe gets the part but then has to play Rizo instead when another kids mum complains.

Marty heads to work where he meets with his team of consultants, more casually called "The Pod". The Pod is made up of Jeannie Van Der Hooven, Clyde Oberhalt and Doug Guggenheim. Marty leads this immoral group on the road to secure a consulting contract with one of the biggest financial institutions in New York. The goal is to get the client signed up and get as much money as possible.

Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments

The premiere episode of House of Lies is entitled Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments and is very close to current financial issues. Marty and The Pod are trying win over the biggest Bank in New York. A Bank that had a direct hand in the recent financial crisis which has lead to millions of American's losing their homes because of sub-prime debt.There's even a homeless lady living right outside the Banks skyscraper, blaming them for her situation.

Instead of trying to fix the mistakes they have made the CEO and the rest of the Board are purely interested in how they can go ahead with paying their big bonuses, as they always do. Marty's job is to give them exactly what they want. He has to get them on his side and make them happy to implement his plans but there's a fine line between ass licking and getting the job done. Too much and the client knows you are worthless but not enough and you risk the client choosing someone else.

Marty takes his team to a high end strip bar and they rack up a huge bill in the companies name. Although many people have lost everything, House of Lies is aptly named. Showing viewers that what you see from these companies is not the truth. You see the public image which is purely a facade which allows them to Spin the truth to achieve their ends.

Marty comes up with a plan to beat the competition. He tells the CEO to take responsibility for the crisis and apologise by instituting a Loan Amnesty scheme. Although they estimate that initally over 17 million people will apply for the Loan Amnesty only 50, 000 of those applications will actually be paid out on and total costs will be around the cost of their advertising spots. And the best news is it can be implemented as soon as possible, while the CEO comes off looking rosy and a hero to the struggling people of America.

The Amnesty Program is purely a distraction allowing the Directors to take their Bonuses. In any other arena it would be called a Hustle. Of course the CEO loves the idea and they are hired.

This mirrors currents issues in the news with bankers getting big bonuses while the average middle class and lower class American struggles to make ends meet.

Who's Your Favourite Character on House of Lies?

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My Thoughts on House of Lies

I watched the premiere of House of Lies and I really enjoyed it. It was funny while reflective of real life. It was interesting and I liked the way Marty Kaan stops time and explains key phrases in the life of a Management Consultant.

House of Lies is a true Showtime Comedy with nudity, swearing and is crude at times. It will be interesting to see what depth they add to the characters as we get to know them better. We already know there is more to Marty than meets the eye. His Mother committed suicide and he's clearly into the Ladies. He even hooks up with a "Private Dancer". Although that does end up being hilarious, especially when his date ends up pleasuring a clients wife in the restaurant bathroom only for the wife of the client to throw it in her husbands face later at the dinner table.

Marty Kaan may even have a liason with Jeanie at some point. He alludes to it a number of times in the episode, calculating statistics to back up his presumption.

How will he balance a crazy ex-wife, a confused son, his sex life and work life too?

I think House of Lies is really funny and has a very Ally McBeal feel to it.


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    • Lauryallan profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I am glad you liked the review. There will be more reviews as the new TV shows air and I watch them and let people know what they are about and if they are worth watching.

      Thank you and hope you have a nice day too.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      6 years ago from Wales

      A brilliant review and I now look forward to reading many more by you.

      Take care and enjoy your day.



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