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Updated on April 21, 2013




Foremen, the Dean, gets House out of jail to work on lungs that are in a box for a patient who desperately needs a transplant. When House returns to Princeton Hospital there are quite few changes. He is out of his office, his team is gone, and Wilson no longer cares about House.

House has has found a kindred spirit an intern who hit her attending. And she has as many quips as House.

While interviewing the parent of the organ donor House's ankle bracelet goes off and the police show up to take him back to the hospital.

House keeps harassing Wilson with niceness. But nice isn't working with Wilson. So House resorts to honesty. And House tries to make up with Wilson but Wilson doesn't want to be friends with House any longer.

Time is running out for House, the lungs and the patient. It would seem there will be no salvation.

House Trailer


This show is just brilliant. This perhaps is the best season yet as House is living his karma. The writing and acting is superb. This could be the best season of House ever. Sober Hosue maybe more entertaining then vicodin addicted House.


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