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6 Ways American Gods Will Prepare You For College

Updated on October 1, 2018
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Daydreaming nihilist. Code maniac with a coffee addiction. Music, movie buff. High functioning alcoholic.

So you want to be a Harvard student? Well whoop-dee-doo, so does my bartender (Writing at my friendly neighbourhood tavern has its fun contributions). What makes you think you’re cut out for this arduous journey? We’re looking at sleepless nights (not the good kind), fabulous dark circles and tons of pressure. I hate to break it to you, but it won’t be as smooth sailing as life in the movie, 3 Idiots. You read the book? My condolences. Not to you, to literature. I digress.

Anyhoo, I’m sure if you’re hell bent on getting into one of the top universities you’re already going the whole nine yards to get in. However, besides academia, it’s essential to prepare for the eventful life in college which isn’t as easy as pie. What better way to learn this than from American Gods? Wait. You’ve read 3 Idiots and not American Gods?!


Moving on, here’s how American Gods can prepare us for college

1. Media – Get Your Message Across In The Best Way


Media is about communication. No shit. But she cares about her message and wants to put it out in the best way possible. Much like Media, you need to make an alluring first impression. Everyone in college will be a straight A’s nerd hence you need to game up and stand out.

2. Technical Boy – Know Your Shit


Technical Boy is emotionally stunted but he teaches us the requisite which is to be updated. A little slack here and some procrastination there will hoard backlogs faster than water logging in Mumbai streets on a rainy day. So study hard.

3. Mad Sweeney – Embrace the Crazy


Mad Sweeney was an Irish King, cursed by St. Ronan to madness who gets his power from lunacy. You will be overwhelmed by activities and assignments at college to a point of insanity. Chaos can be beautiful provided you find the balance because only a handful of students truly do.

4. Mr. World – Know everything about everything


He’s the scary embodiment of globalization. Mr World is like the few organizations that run the world today and supply most products we find on the shelves. He’s the frightening conspiracy at the soul of everything. His message to us – Know everything so that you play your cards right.

5. Mr. Wednesday – Networking is key


Mr. Wednesday/ Odin is the charming con artist. Under his effortless ways, he’s keeping his nose to the grindstone and getting all the help he can for the Great War. At college networking is vital. Even if you aren’t social, I suggest you become cordial because being in your professor’s good books, socializing with seniors can be your second best bet to getting excellent grades.

6. Shadow Moon – Believe in yourself


Shadow seems like an average person at first but he goes through a terrific transformation throughout the novel. He’s open to new opinions even though it doesn’t make sense to him at first. He teaches us that there will be plenty of pitfalls but don’t give up. Have faith.


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