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Scandal for Profit

Updated on December 22, 2011

There is no room for wusses in the Catholic Church. According to tradition, all of the Apostles, excluding John, who died of old age, were martyred.

Tradition tells us further, these stalwart men did not befall as a result of merciful deaths. Andrew, for instance, was crucified. Bartholomew, we are told, was flayed alive and, like Peter, crucified upside down. there is no room for wusses in the Catholic Church.

James The Lesser was thrown from a pinnacle of the temple of Jerusalem, stoned and beaten to death with clubs. Simon, tradition tells us, was either crucified or sawed in half. The Apostle Paul, after much maltreatment and suffering was beheaded. there is no room for wusses in the Catholic Church.

James The Greater and Thomas were gored with spears while Jude was beaten with clubs. There is no room for wusses in the Catholic Church.

Matthew, accounts tell us, was either burned alive, stoned, beheaded or all of the above. Philip too was martyred. There is no room for wusses in the Catholic Church.

indeed, accepting the designation of Bishop of Rome in the 1st century was the signing of a veritable death warrant. For the first 31 men who served as Pontiffs of the Catholic Church, like the Apostles before them, would also succumb to creative forms of painful martyrdom. there is no room for wusses in the Catholic Church.

All of these men, like Catholic founder, Jesus Christ, died for one reason and one reason only. Put simply, they refused to compromise the truth of the Catholic Church.

Oh, but how things have changed. For within the very walls of the Catholic Church today, there dwell those wayward members willing to deal away the truth of their church for a mere thirty pieces of silver.

We speak of those willing to give scandal for profit through so-called "Catholic" fundraisers. Those who would invite pro-abortion headliners to speak or perform from Catholic platforms.

Those who would roll out the red carpet to public figures who oppose the teaching of the church on issues such as contraception, same-sex marriage, and premarital relations.

So out of hand has it become, The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops were forced to put the following policy into place in 2004:

""the Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions."

Yet, since the issuing of said policy we've seen Catholic Institutions such as Catholic University of America extend an invitation to pro-abortion actor, Stanley Tucci, that he may speak on Italian film making. The invite, however, was blocked by Fr. David M. Oconnell who explained: Tucci, carries "moral baggage . . . [that] stands in direct contradiction to the values and principles upon which this institution was founded."

College Misericordia's invite of pro-abortion journalists, Cokie and Steven Roberts, prompted Auxiliary Bishop, John Dougherty, of Scranton to x-out of his scheduled appearance for, like those great martyrs of old, he refused to compromise the truth, or so much as give the impression thereof.

Most recently We've seen the University of Notre Dame (Our Lady) honor pro-abortion President, Barak Obama, as commencement speaker at the famed Catholic University.

The most notorious case of all, however, has not come from large dioceses such as, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, or Chicago. No, that distinct dishonor belongs to the small mission diocese of Lexington Kentucky.

Since 2005 the rural diocese has hosted, Evening Among Friends. A fundraiser that has extended Catholic platforms and honors to pro-abortion, pro-contraception, and pro-gay marriage celebs.

Such guests have included Regis Philbin, who has had more than 35 years involvement with the practice of astrology and who has financially supported the presidential campaign of former pro-abortion Senator, Bill Bradley.

Likewise, Bill Cosby, another EAF Catholic Platform guest, has long financially supported the campaigns of pro-abortion politicians and personally campaigned for former pro-choice vice president, Al Gore. The outspoken comic, has also advocated the use of contraception to teens.

For the sake of raising big bucks, the mission diocese has swept Catholic moral principles under the rug and placed all the Catholic Church opposes on a high pedestal with gay marriage supporters, Laura Bush and Dolly Parton.

As a side note, Parton was honored with the presentation of the Kentucky Colonel award by Fr. James Sichko creator and EAF organizer and by the Bishop of the diocese of Lexington.

The list of invited guests is larger than time allows to delve into. Rest assured, with the full backing of Bishop, Ronald W. Gainer, and a silent Catholic media, scandal for profit will not soon dissipate in the backwoods diocese.

Adding further complication, is the ever-growing realization today's Catholic Church has made plenty of room for wusses within its walls. God save The Church.

God bless.

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    • Diane Lockridge profile image

      Diane Lockridge 

      7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I appreciate the detail and history you add to this piece, but the Apostles weren't a part of the Catholic church. The Catholic church didn't start until quite later, they were followers of Christ.


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