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How Does the New Season of American Horror Story: Apocalypse Explain the Coven Witches

Updated on September 28, 2018
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Jennifer Branton thrives on anything scary, be it books, television series or movies.

Hellfire And Mr. Langdon

Only three episodes into the newest season and already American Horror Story is doing what it does best: playing with the audience as we delve into a fourth episode that will really change what we think we are watching.

Just like the early twist in Roanoke, we realize that we have been set up by the audience to believe that we are watching a story about a fallout shelter and its vault dwellers a la Fallout. Introduced to characters early on that have escaped the hellfire and brimstone end of the world that has consumed or mutated anyone that was unfortunate to be left out in the blast- we find that those that are still alive in the outpost either bought their way in, are of the worker Grey Class, or in the case of our young lovers are brought about because of their perfect DNA- are worthy of saving to propagate the species when there is a new world.

The story we think we know quickly gets turned around as the survivors fight among each other for the coveted prize of salvation that is offered by the mysterious Michael Langdon; whom AHS fans know as the child Antichrist predicted back in season one by Billy Dean Howard. What has happened in these years to have Landgon bring about the end of days is still unknown but when promoting the show there were talks about re-shoots of scenes from both Murder House and Coven on the table, so something links these seasons together.

Something more than the coming of a mysterious man that pits the survivors against each other only to know that no one will win pass his tests.


Mr. Langdon doesn't underestimate the survivors and it comes to attention that he is seeking people of power- but when a reveal shows that several of the outpost occupants have talents- he knows exactly who to target. Perhaps Langdon had something to do with the witch hunters as well from Coven?

Jumps In Time

Many have theories on how American Horror Story: Apocalypse will connect the two seasons. As in many other seasons where characters have crossed over, there was only a reference of the circumstance that had brought them to their new destination with a subtle Easter egg nod such as Queenie being in Hotel, the same realtor being used over and over again, the repeat characters of Pepper and Bille Dean Howard.

Perhaps the only thing we will find out that connects Murder House is the story of how Michael Langdon came to be. Only I don't think it will be that cut and dry with the addition of the Rubber Man ie Tate Langdon being seen in the outpost.

If ghosts from the house can not leave the property like when Violet realized she was dead after every doorway putting her back inside the Murder House, then were all the inhabitants stuck in the house when the world ended? Or was there something that Langdon had done that had set the ghosts free and that is why we are seeing the Rubber Man now?

Are these souls bound to Langdon somehow?

The trailer for episode four shows an unlikely scenario of Madison from Coven working in a retail store which is very unlikely unless something really took the witches out of power in the seasons past.

Some theorize this is Madison's personal hell and that somehow Langdon had brought her back.

Were the witches dead at the time the world ended? Did the Supreme raise them and that is why they are descended on the outpost?

Why would the witches be after Langdon if that is the intention after spending centuries hiding from the witch hunters? Is there something that connects the chaos that has been created by Langdon ending the world and the witches?


Saving Our Sisters

When the witches enter the outpost after the poisoning of the apples take the lives of all those inside, three women are saved and resurrected.

We have already seen Mallory preform a great feat of magic when under pressure making fire spark at Langdon when he asks what she is and she says that she feels like something is inside her looking to claw its way out.

Perhaps this is too literal as many online took the statement to mean that perhaps she is the reincarnated soul of one of the previous coven members that had died. The way Madison greets her, many jump to thinking of the similarities in her reaction to Zoe and believe that perhaps it is the former witch that rests inside her.

Perhaps all the women are vessels for something the witches hoped to keep contained so that Langdon couldn't get rid of all of the coven.

Did the witches then know the end of the world was upon them? Is that why they left Louisiana for whatever here is now?

If they are the coven sisters, which witches are they? New characters or old?


Perhaps Not The End For Forbidden Love

American Horror Story loves to make the viewers think they are watching a season about one theme only to flip the season on its head, which made me convinced the first few episodes when it spoke of the perfect DNA of Emily and Timothy, that we were going to get a connection back to Asylum- which for all we know could still be in the cards.

Recall back the two alien children that came about after the abduction that left the two women of Kit's life with toddlers and events that no one in the household ever talked about again.

The children, a Caucasian son and a biracial girl seem to fit the pattern of the characters presented although unless aliens age really slowly or somehow the young lovers have been off the planet for sometime, they would be much too old to be Emily and Timothy.

Even worse they have the same father. Talk about an ick relationship, but AHS has never frowned upon such a taboo in their twisted seasons.

What if anything the young couple had to do with the outcome of Apocalypse remains to be seen but we have been teased every season with likable characters that are suddenly taken from us and had nothing to add to the season plot.

Perhaps they were just a plot device to get to the reveal of Langdon.

Or maybe, just maybe they have more to contribute to the witches plot to take down Langdon.


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