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How High 2 Coming Soon

Updated on July 2, 2015

Redman did a interview with VladTV and he let us know that we can soon expect to see How High 2. Currently the script is being wrote and filming will begin soon. Although its been over 10 years since the the first film, fans are really excited to see the next incarnation of this comedy classic. The first film came with a classic soundtrack. Redman also let us know that him and Method Man are currently working on the soundtrack for How High 2.

Got Blunt, Got Weed?

Before the soundtrack will be released Method Man and Redman plan on dropping their solo albums first. Blackout 3 is what they plan to use for the soundtrack of How High 2. In the interview Redman also talks about why their planed TV show got canceled. No doubt about it these two Rappers are extremely funny together. Every time I watch How High I laugh as if its my first time watching it. Now many people are wondering what the plot of this new film could be if Silas and Jamal have graduated. Redman did not clarify for us in the interview but their are some rumors going around. The rumored plot actually makes sense as a way to continue the franchise.

How High 2 Rumored Plot

Possible Spoilers Below

Jamal and Silas are working on opening their new cannabis shop in Affluent Boulder, Colorado under the new legalization laws. Silas uses his botany expertise and Jamal uses his people skills to ensure that the new shop is a success. Some old characters are said to appear like I Need $ (Al Shearer). Also a new rumored character named Sarita Sativa (Unknown). Sarita Sativa allegedly shows Silas and Jamal how to deal with the stresses of entrepreneurship.

I have to say that I'm super excited to see this long awaited sequel. Method Man and Redman delivers continues laughs in How High. They had a great cast and great production. Creating another How How could be dangerous. The first one is so good can they really make another one that is just as funny. Sometimes sequels are not winners. I hope that this next film is just as good than maybe we won't have to wait so long for How High 3. How High is one of the best pot head films on the market. If you have not yet seen the first one I HIGHLY suggest you go and see it. Don't forget to toke up.

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