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How I Edit My Photos Online

Updated on August 21, 2014


Picmonkey A Great Photo Editing Service

Picmonkey is a photo editing website that is very easy to use, even I can figure it out, mostly. You can touch up your photos, re-size pictures, and make picture collages.

And it is free to use.

They do have an upgraded package offering more tools and magic effects but that is up to you.

The free version is awesome, Thanks Picmonkey,

And the paid version is very affordable at only $4.99 a month or $33 a year. Their paid version is called the Royale. It is ad free, edit as long as you want and access to all the features you will ever need. As you explore the free version, you will notice the tiny little crowns,

I circled one in the photos, these are the upgraded editing options for paying members. If you are just starting out with photo editing and making photo magic, then Picmonkey is a great place to practice and learn. Oh yeah, they also have some tips and tricks on their blog and video so you can watch them and then go make some magic.

Video Tutorial For Picmonkey

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Have You Used a Photo Editor Before?

Editing your photos can be somewhat of a challenge for some of us with little to no skills. I tried using Pixlr first but found it to be way beyond my skill level. Don't get me wrong it is a get program. You download it to your computer to use.

It is free to use but I think they do have paid versions and add on packages that give you more tools and gadgets for you to tweak your photos even more.

But I am planning on learning how to use this program later on.

There are lots of editor services online. I have tried Picasso before and had some luck with it. And I have tried Photobucket but I haven't figured out yet how to make it do what I want quickly and simply as Picmonkey.

I am not saying they don't have their uses. When I get the chance to explore them further, I will hopefully be able to write about my new found skills.

They are all good programs,, it ust depends on what you need to do at the time.

Make a Collage

So What Do You Get With The Free Version?

Editing a photo gives you several options to choose from.

  • Crop your Picture
  • Add special Effects
  • Touch up your picture
  • Add some witty Text
  • Add an overlay
  • Frame It
  • Add some cool Textures
  • Theme it(Holiday,Zombie It)

Text Editor

Design Your Own Pic

I just spent five minutes making my own picture using the Design Option. You will see it when you first get to their website.

I used their blank canvas which has several different sizes to choose from. Then I colored in the background and using the special effect option, I added some contrasting color to the edges.

Next I choose some cute clipart pictures and moved them where I wanted. You can make them bigger or smaller in size.

Then I found some pretty stars, added the dark shading around them. Oh and I added the interesting white waves on there too.

I also added the text on there and changed the fonts on some of the words to show what you could do with the text editor.

It is a really fun and easy way to make your own postcards, holiday cards, birthday cards. The possibilities are endless.

Why don't you give it a try.

My cool Postcard

Making a Collage Is Easy

You can make a collage of your favorite people. Or your pet dog or cat. Want to give a photo to all the parents of your son or daughter's baseball team?

Just add all their pictures, add some neat features, like a border or the name of your league and save. You can then email it to everyone or take it to your local photo kiosk and have copies made.

Awesome, right?

Cool Collage

What do you think?

What! Your still here? I thought by now you would have already gone to play with Picmonkey by now. Have some fun!

Please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks.

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