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How I came to learn what an ignoramus I am .

Updated on July 14, 2009


Would you have thought it possible that even in this era, there would be people like me who do not know even the F of Fashion? No, right? Well sad to say, I seem to be such a person. I am every time in danger of being ambushed by the Rapid Fashion Force for being an absolute fool in this regard. Anytime, they might come searching for me, to give me a lesson or two on what fashion is, what it actually means, how I should conform to International Fashion Standards, whatever they maybe etc. I am a person who has always held steadfast to the belief that fashion is nothing, and for you, fashion is what you feel suits you and whatever you feel comfortable in. But no one seems to agree with me, everyone seems to be weary of getting on the wrong side of those fashion gurus, who are the unquestionable experts in the field, who have had several long years of experience to their credit, and who, I am sorry to say, infest every possible nook and corner of my hostel. What torture it is to learn new things, more complicated than algebra, or even calculus. From their words, and advice to me, I understand that my life till now was an utter waste, since I never attended the fashion school kindergarten. Indeed, looking at people here, I am forced to become one among them, pretending to be something I am not, showing lady-like behaviour, which I absolutely desist, and turning up my nose at anything and everything. If not anything else, MBA seems to be teaching me this at least.


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      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      worry not....... nice little chatty hub