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How I think Dragon and Donkey had mutant offspring in The Shrek Movie

Updated on March 21, 2017
These two have magical babies
These two have magical babies | Source

I was watching youtube. The Theorizer presented this question. I watched the video.

Then, my mind could not help but wonder why the two made babies.

I could not accept the video. I think, I have my own answer.

Well, if I can not accept how it happened.... How did it happen?

(This is me trying stop thinking about the question. And, I am hoping to not go insane thinking about it further.)


I think that the fairy wanted to produce more dragons for protection or to sell. Dragons might be a great gift item. They have magical properties and most are known to guard treasure.
Dragons might come from their own magical land.

What could have happened?

The fairy had a dragon. Or, She had one. Maybe, it was discount dragon to guard a castle. She might have picked it up at a drive-tru window. She did pick up an ax that way.

What ax?

In the second movie, the fairy takes takes the king to a take out restaurant. The restaurant gives her a ax with her meal.

A small dragon egg might have been a item given away in a drive thru meal.

What did the fairy do with the dragon?

She made the dragon turn into a woman to lure the knights into a trap. Then, they were killed by the dragon. This happened using the fairies magic.

Why does this not work on Shrek?

But, this did not work with Shrek because he is an ogre. Ogres don't get their happily ever after.

And, the fairy does not like to go against what has already happened in fairy-tales.

What has already happened in fairy-tales?

The fairy talks about books with Shrek and his friends. They are fairy-tales involving happily ever afters. Not one has an ogre in it.

The Ogre even asking for help from her stresses her.

Why is she stressed?

My guess is that she does not want her child to fall in love with someone that has been an Oger at night. Ogers are disgusting creatures.

The fairy has spent a lot of time trying to find someone to help the princess.

Those who she sent?

Most of those whom the fairy has sent died in some way.

But, what about the dragon?

In the mean time, the fairy kept giving the dragon magical water in order for her to become more fertile for when the princess is saved by the fairy's son. This way the fairy can make money by selling her own magic dragon babies.

Magical Dragon Baby industry

This could be something that she is interested in. She does have a magical factory. Magical dragon babies might be a whole new industry for her to look into for her business.

This might have something to do with giving children magical eggs for Easter or Christmas presents in the future.

Magic Dragon Making

So, dragon was able to produce dragon babies because of the fairy's content earlier magic.

--The fairy feed the dragon magic water, and magical meat.

Dragon and Donkey

Dragon who is now fertile falls in love with Donkey.

--They should not be able to have children. But, the female dragon has been taking magical treatments for years.

--So, the babies are born.

How long did it take to have the babies?

I don't know how long it takes for a dragon to give birth. She might have gotten pregnant the first time Donkey and Dragon made love. This normally happens in fairy-tales.


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