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Latasha Lee - How Losing X Factor USA Can Make You A Winner

Updated on October 26, 2013
The Talented Latasha Lee.
The Talented Latasha Lee. | Source

The Latasha Lee Story.

How Losing X Factor USA Can Make You A Winner.

It happens in all of the countries where X Factor, the television talent competition is broadcast. X Factor is a global success, but the winner is not always the most successful as a recording artist after the competition.

When each new series is aired on British TV I always watch it with enthusiasm. Believing now that the show has almost ran it's course because of the farce that it was in the UK in 2012.

I have to say that the great British public always like an underdog and vote or the one's who they often feel sorry for and not for the best singer / performer.

I didn't follow the US version of the show but was astounded when I saw Latasha Lee sing for the first time here on Hub Pages. For those of you not familiar with the singer you can visit her Hub Pages here,

Unsure as to whether this is her personal attempt at promoting her videos or someone who has recognised her potential and is trying to cash in on her you tube hits. I am glad to whoever it is who is responsible for the HP account because I may never have come across her otherwise.

Introducing Latasha Lee and the BlackTies.

If you want see all Latasha's music videos in one place click here and go to her You Tube site. Make sure you check out her You Tube site and you can say that you saw her here first.

If you take time to read some of the comments left on her site, most agree that she is Amy Winehouse reincarnated. It seems strange that Simon Cowell has let her get away from his grasp as he usually snaps up the talent likely to make money for him.

Latasha the talent.

If you ever heard Amy Winehouse sing you will understand when I say that Latasha Lee, in my opinion could be better than AW. I wasn't particularly a fan of AW because of all the torment and baggage that came with her. She was an outstanding talent all the same.

Latasha on X Factor

Having reached Bootcamp and the top 50 in X Factor Latasha Lee Robinson did not do herself justice due to, what I saw as a serious attack of nerves. Combine that singing a song which is chosen by the judges, this amazing talent was under threat and likely never to reach the potential I and many others now see. This plucky young woman has so much to offer the music scene in 2013.

Latasha Lee X Factor Audition

What a transformation.

You have to agree that the Latasha Lee on X Factor is no comparison to the performer you see now. Determined not to be cast aside she has used the defeat to great effect and has come back much stronger. If ever there was a winner, she is it. Here you have proof that losing on X Factor can make you a winner.

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