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How Nina Dobrev's Departure Killed The Vampire Diaries

Updated on December 12, 2016

Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert

How Heartache Ruined A Franchise

For six years the Vampire Diaries was unstoppable. We had a vampire named Stefan who moved to a small town in West Virginia called Mystic Falls. He falls in love with the local cheerleader, Elena. Little does Elena know that Stefan is a vampire. Skip forward a few episodes and Stefan's heart throb brother Damon arrives in town.

Damon is played by Ian Somerhalder. It's rumored that Ian and Nina hit it off from the start. They even went on to date for years. However, they announced there break up at the end of the fifth season and that's when it all went to hell. Tension on the set caused major uproar and widespread rumors.

At the beginning of the sixth season it was announced that this would be Nina's final season. Her final season? Seriously? She IS the Vampire Diaries. How could she just bail on her baby? Well it's pretty obvious. She departed the show because Ian had moved on pretty damn quick with Nina's former friend Nikki Reed. I can understand how awkward that must have been-however she had a career. She had the fame. She was the leading lady. How could you sacrifice a career over a man? She came from a tiny Canadian television show called Degrassi: The Next Generation. She was so lucky to be chosen as Elena Gilbert yet she threw it away.

The show has taken a massive hit in the seventh and eighth season. It turns out the eighth season will now be the last because the ratings are so bad. If I worked for that show I would be so pissed off. When you get rid of the main character you're pretty much just done for.

A big shout out to Nina for abandoning her career over a stupid guy. (News flash- I give their marriage a year- she could have waited it out.)


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