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How Not To Get Scammed In The Music Business

Updated on February 4, 2012

The Real Music Deal


First things first put on your antennas and steer clear of the sharks! There are pros and cons to every business. Unfortunately there the sharks are plentiful in the music industry. I was unaware of the level of dishonesty among those who represent themselves as a talent manager and/or artist management until I began to speak with artists on a personal level.

This will be a series of articles intended to give pointers to indie artists who are trying to be successful within the music industry.

Even In Music Ask For References


Here are the first two points to keep in mind when discerning who really has your best interest at heart:

1. References, References, References

Acquiring the position as ones' manager is employment. It should be treated as all other jobs, ask for references. Asking for references is a must, and can save you from being heart-broken later on after the deal has been sealed. You want to check references completely, remember this is your passion, and you are entrusting your passion in the hands of someone when hiring a manager. Don't be timid. Let's face it most people can muster up one or two great references, do not be afraid to ask for 3 - 4 references. This is vital a manager is someone you want on your team for the long haul, so you are checking with the vision of longevity. One thing you want to avoid is firing a manager in the middle of a project, and taking on the task of looking for a new one during an important project.

Look Pass The Sales Pitch


Everyone has a sales pitch no matter what type of job you are being interviewed for, you are selling yourself to the employer. The same remains true of managers selling themselves to artists trying to acquire their trust. First and foremost what are the real facts beyond the sales pitch. Go beyond the pitch, and do not be afraid to jump right in, and ask straightforward questions. As an artist you do not want to hand over any upfront cash on the word of their promise to deliver to you a break in the business. As the old saying goes if it sounds to good to be true it probably is; but have an investigative ear. Train your ears to really listen to what individuals are detailing to you what they will do for you.


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