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How Not to Meet a Rock Star Successfully

Updated on March 7, 2019
Anafa Siegel profile image

As a teen I the 70’s I met numerous famous rock stars, but sometimes the meetings backfired

We really pissed him off


It all started when we were teen girls with healthy appetites for good rock and roll and hot rock stars. My friend and I started attending concerts when I was fourteen years old and she was fifteen. Our first concert we attended, where we smoked pot for the first time, and got high, was a Pink Floyd Concert. The music and special effects were exhilarating and intoxicating leaving us wanting more. As we attended more concerts of our favorite stars we found ourselves waiting at the limo drop offs and found our way via manipulation and pure bravado, sneaking back stage! These still were some of the most exciting adrenaline boosting events of our lives! We would often be escorted out of an exit shortly after meeting our idols. We thought that we were sooooo cool and kept sneaking backstage and kept getting kicked out!

We met our favorite band Slade backstage and gave them necklaces that they later wore onstage when they performed. We met Bad Company at their limo exit and Queen a month prior to becoming worldwide sensations, such great harmless fun. I recall the night at Avery Fisher Hall that we jumped on stage fplowing a Peter Frampton Concert, making our way unhindered to Peter Frampton’s dressing room, to be escorted out after kissing his sweaty cheeks.

One night we attended a Nazareth and Deep Purple concert in NYC and unbeknownst to us Robert Plant was backstage watching the performance as a friend of the bands. This was the 70’s and we were high from smoking pot. We glanced at each other and found our way to the security exit and talked our way into going backstage, and it worked. As we were trying to meet Dan McCafferty of Nazareth who had beautiful curls of black hair and green eyes, we came upon an elevator and the door opened and there stood this six foot tall gorgeous rock star standing in the elevator with a cane. It was Robert plant and he was using a cane due to breaking his leg in a car accident while vacationing in Greece, but we thought that he was Dan McCafferty incognito to avoid fans, like us.

Well, here the story gets real. I stepped back observing Mr. plant saying, “you look familiar“ and accusing him of wearing a blonde wig over the black curly hair of the Nazareth star. Being high really distorted reality at this juncture. We tried to stretch to kiss him, take off his turquoise ring and managed to step upon his injured foot. He said “f-off” in his British accent and said I broke my “f-in” leg, but we were convinced that he was incognito at the time. He couldn’t wait to be rid of us. I then again stepped back and after really gazing upon him in a sober moment, realized that we were harassing Robert Plant while riding in the elevator with him. We arrived at the next landing; the elevator door abruptly opened and my friend and I were quickly escorted by security to the nearest exit, and calm was restored.

Upon sobering up we we realized that we had an adventure with the most popular star in the world at the time and made spectacles of ourselves, but I must say that the ride was a highlight of our youth, and to Mr. Plant, please forgive us our trespasses.


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