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How Perfect is that Perfect man?

Updated on February 7, 2016

The Perfect Guy

Be careful out there in the dating pool. There are plenty of sharks
Be careful out there in the dating pool. There are plenty of sharks | Source

Film credits

The Perfect Guy: “PG-13“ (1 h. 40 min.)

Starring: Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy, Morris Chestnut, L. Scott Caldwell, Charles S. Dutton

Directed by: David M. Rosenthal

Date at your own risk

We all have relationship issues. We are looking for the ideal woman, or Mr. Right (While some of us are looking for Miss. Right Now). So it really is no surprise that there are so many films revolving around relationships, love, and well, romance. Needless to say, some of us are (inadvertently perhaps) looking for love in all the wrong places. Such is the case with Leah Vaughn (Lathan) a successful lobbyist who — even though she is in (what she believes to be) a committed relationship with her boyfriend, Dave (Chestnut). As it turns out she is, well, wrong. She wants to get married and have children but Vaughn just isn’t quite ready for that level of commitment.

The Perfect Guy on DVD

Dating with Caution

Since her needs didn’t match up with his wants, she breaks it off with him and (reluctantly) re-enters the dating pool. As anyone can tell you after a painful breakup you need to be wary as you don’t want to fall for the very next person you date. Which is precisely what happens to Vaughn who jumps almost immediately into a passionate relationship with an extremely charming stranger named Carter (Ealy). Well, initially (at least) Carter proves to be the perfect guy. Vaughn becomes so infatuated with this guy that she brings him to meet her parents. Given how charming Carter is to Vaughn it is not surprising that he also managed to charm them, as well.

The Perfect Guy trailer

Things can always get worse.

Unfortunately for Vaughn, not long into their burgeoning relationship an event occur that causes Carter to snap, showing his violent side. While he attempted to back pedal and say that it was an aberrant slip, Vaughn however, didn’t believe him, and swiftly backed away. Only Carter refused to take no for an answer, and relentlessly pursued Vaughn, determining that if he couldn’t have her, then no one would. Needless to say, this is where the film turns dark and stalkerish, only Vaughn — with the help of a Detective named Hansen (Holt McCallany), she decides to not be a victim and, well, that’s where the film truly becomes interesting.

The perils of Dating

Be careful who you date
Be careful who you date | Source

Never judge a date by his looks

For us, seeing Ealy as a villain was something of a shock, as he has spent much of his previous films as the charming, handsome guy that all of the girls want to date — which is precisely what makes him the ideal villain of this piece. Folks who are single are constantly going out in to the world meeting and becoming involved with others, either online or in the physical world, and truly, what do we really know about others, except what they tell us? To be sure, this is a film, and (perhaps “slightly” exaggerated for cinematic effect), but in reality we do often hear of these types of interactions (In January of 2016 a woman was shot to death outside a Pittsburg bar because she turned down the advances of a man who asked her out. And this wasn’t the first time that something like this had occurred.)

Who looks creepy now?

Thhe devil you don't know
Thhe devil you don't know | Source

The fallout of bad dating

The fact that Ealy’s character was such a smooth sociopath may have been a work of fiction, but the reality of it that with social media and just a small amount of online-intuitiveness, it is easy to create a new persona for yourself as did Carter in this film. Hence, both Ealy’s “handsome man” designation, coupled with the smooth personality of Carter and the fact that the character was a cybersecurity expert, and given real-world concerns of safety and socializing made this film highly watchable

I'm watching you...

That song by Sting just got a whole lot creepier.
That song by Sting just got a whole lot creepier. | Source

Pick your favorite Michael Ealy film

What is your favorite Michael Ealy film?

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