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How To Become A Better Singer With Exercise

Updated on June 23, 2013

There are countless tips on taking care of your vocals but much of becoming a better singer will involve exercise. Imagine never exercising and then one day deciding you're going to run a marathon that afternoon. I'm sure you know that will not likely turn into a complete victory for you. A very similar thing can be said for your voice. When you exercise your body, you give it a chance to warm up with your voice. You will have better control over everything. Your stance will become stronger, you'll be able to sustain notes longer as your overall endurance and energy level increases.

How fit you are will have a direct affect on your breathing. While you do not necessarily want to or may not even be able to get to the shape of a body builder, you will need to be fit enough to have completely controlled breathing. Looking nice just adds to it!

Cardio exercises are great for your voice and more specifically your breathing as your heart rate goes up and your breath increases. Make sure in colder air, you bring enough layers and something to cover your mouth and nose as the cold air can really mess with your nasal passage and have you more likely get sick.

All it takes is to get active. You don't have to start doing anything crazy, you don't need a gym membership. Start running in your local park or lifting weights, groceries or books. Use what you have to start you moving. I often try to take fun physical activity and incorporate it into much needed quality time with my family and friends. In this vlog episode I'm updating my fans and getting in some physical activity skating in the park.

There are many great exercises and fitness programs you can start. Start searching on YouTube! Two of my favorite's are my producer's fitness videos found at BrandonCarterTV and the other is HangTightWMarC. I've just recently come across Marcy and she seems so nice and definitely knows what she's doing. Brandon I know has been into fitness from being a trainer to developing his own program for over 10 years and definitely knows how to get people in shape. Start with these 2 if you need some reference and then if you need some more, venture out into the fitness world and see what works for you!

Brandon Carter



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