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How To Celebrate Star Wars Day

Updated on April 15, 2018
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Behind the scenes photo of Carrie Fisher from the Empire Strikes Back
Behind the scenes photo of Carrie Fisher from the Empire Strikes Back | Source

How To Celebrate Star Wars Day

It's Star Wars day! How should you celebrate?

Maybe you'll make a yummy treat inspired by A Galaxy Far Far Away...


Maybe you'll attend an event specifically themed for May The 4th!


Maybe you'll grab a friend and binge watch every single Star Wars movie till 3 AM!

(Yes, including the kinda have to on Star Wars Day. I mean, they are canon, and it's not complete if you don't! Besides, you'll get to see Chewbacca in one of them, so I mean, you win some, and you lose some.)

Whatever you decide to do, here's a list of some ideas of How to celebrate Star wars day 2018!

3 trilogys
3 trilogys | Source

Step 1: Find an event! Or do your own thing!

Google it! Ask Siri! Do whatever you need to, but just look up on the internet any local events that are themed around may the 4th! Libraries, local organizations, nonprofits, etc. are always hosting movie showings, game nights, and costume contests for Star Wars Day, so just find one that's local near you and you're ready for the next step!


If going out and being surrounded by dozens of fellow Star Wars-Fans (whom you don't know personally) isn't your thing, then throw your own party! Invite a couple of close friends, and have a movie night! Binge all the Star Wars movies, starting with the Prequels, or in the order they were originally released. (Ep. IV ANH first!) I mean, that's classic.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope | Source

Step 2: Costumes! Costumes! Costumes!

One of the best parts about it being Star Wars day is that you can dress up! This adds to the fun, and I mean, now you have an excuse to wear your costume out to the grocery store-or the mall. (Now it won't be so weird to strangers walking down the street, because they might have seen someone else already who was wearing a costume.)

There are TONS of DIYs and tutorials out there on Pinterest, Youtube, etc. that are great last minute, easy ideas! They also show you how to piece together a cool costume from clothes you already have, spending little to no money to make / buy accessories to add on.

If you're really crafty, and creative, you could even make your own cheap-cosplay-style costume!

And if you don't have any time to make a costume, you could always buy a Star Wars shirt at the mall so you can rep the Fandom all day.


You could buy a costume at a costume store.

Additionally, you could style your hair the way of one of your favorite characters, and dress in the same style as them! A few examples are:

Princess Leia: White shirt, put your hair into two buns on the side of your head!

Han Solo: White/Beige shirt, Black vest, blue jeans, and some pretty sick styled hair gel.

Luke Skywalker: White/Black shirt, and a plastic lightsaber on your belt. I'm just sayin.

There are tons of DIY last minute Star Wars Costumes
There are tons of DIY last minute Star Wars Costumes | Source

Step 3: Blue Milk (AKA Food!)

Hey, it's not a celebration without food! Plus, if you're watching all the movies you're gonna need some fuel!

You could make cupcakes and put Star Wars toppers on them, cookies with star sprinkles, "Chewy" granola bars, etc.

Here are a few more snack/food ideas from A Galaxy Far Far Away.

Star Wars themed snacks add to the excitement at parties and events.
Star Wars themed snacks add to the excitement at parties and events. | Source

You now know how to celebrate Star Wars Day 2018! All that's left is for you to grab some popcorn/treats, put on your costume, and start binge watching the series. Or you know, go to some local event. Whatever you decide to do, May The 4th Be With You!


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